8 Times D.O. Proved He Is The Biggest EXO Fan Out Of The Whole Group

D.O. is EXO’s #1 fan.

1. When Xiumin was filming his web drama Falling for Challenge, D.O. brought steamed buns and came to cheer him on.


2. D.O. sent Sehun a coffee and churro truck when he was filming the Korean-Chinese film Catman.

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3. He sent another one to support Baekhyun at the set of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.


4. At Baekhyun’s birthday party with his fans, he showed up to MC.


5. He also attended the VIP premiere of Jangsoo Shop, Chanyeol’s big screen debut.


6. D.O. went to cheer on Chen at his first musical, In the Heights.


7. When EXO-CBX filmed the “Blooming Days” music video, D.O. came to visit once again and even participated in the Micing Interview.


8. In the middle of their Japan tour and preparing for their Olympics performance, D.O. went to cheer on Suho as his first musical, The Last Kiss.


Source: Idol Best