8 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Proved That The Airport Is His Runway

His go to accessory is his sunglasses!

As one of the fashionistas in the group, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has proven time and time again that wherever he set foot on becomes a runway. Known for his good looks and amazing fashion sense, it is no surprise that Mingyu can make any place a fashion show!

Here are 8 times Mingyu showed us that the world is his runway.

Spoilers: His favorite accessory seems to be sunglasses!

1. Mingyu sporting an all-denim look

Mingyu rocked an all denim look, wore sunglasses, and reveals some skin!

2. Mingyu shows he can look good in a white graphic tee!

Mingyu wore a white graphic tee and paired it with black bottoms and white shoes! Mingyu is sporting a very neutral colored outfit, and manages to look amazing in it.

3. Mingyu looks like the college boy everyone has a crush on!

A blazer over a white top, and wearing sunglasses and a cap, Mingyu looks like the college crush dreams of every girl!

4. Mingyu really looks like a model as he subtly poses for the cameras

Mingyu is wearing a simple long-sleeved tee and looks even more amazing because of the sunglasses he was wearing and the way he brushes his hair with his hands!

5. Mingyu looking fashionable in a simple outfit!

Mingyu goes black and white again! Going for a more-neutral toned outfit, Mingyu definitely looks handsome as he walked through the airport.

6. Mingyu looks dapper in an all-black stylish outfit!

Can’t go wrong with an all black outfit! Mingyu shows how it’s supposed to be done in this simple, yet very stylish way!

7. Blonde Mingyu wears specs for his accessories!

Mingyu looks adorable as he accessorizes himself with a pair of glasses and sport neutral colored tones.

8. Mingyu keeping it classy!

Mingyu knows how to keep it classy, wearing a black turtle neck, a printed coat, his go-to sunglasses, and topping it all off with a necklace!

Mingyu can easily pass as a member of the “F4” with all the looks he is serving!