8 Times Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Was Felix’s Biggest Fan

He definitely deserves the title!

While there are probably millions of people around the world that would consider themselves fans of Stray KidsFelix, it has been universally agreed upon among Stays that his number one supporter has to be Bang Chan! He’s been there for Felix since the very beginning, proving time and time again how much he cares about his fellow Aussie-liner.

So, let’s take a look at eight times Bang Chan was Felix’s biggest fan:

1. When He Made Felix His Profile Picture

Recently, Bang Chan decided to change the icon for his Bubble account to a photo of Felix looking absolutely stunning during one of the group’s photo shoots. He even deleted his old status, replacing it with a caption most Stays would agree with:

2. When He Was Charmed By Felix’s Freckles

Even though Felix is sometimes self-conscious about his freckles, Bang Chan is always there to make sure he knows how much they’re loved. He even referred to them as Felix’s “Charm Point #1!” during a live stream!

3. When He Expressed His Excitement For Felix’s Cookies

Every Stay knows that Felix has a knack for making cookies – he’s a five star Michelin, after all! So, when Felix revealed to Bang Chan that he had made him some cookies *just* the way he likes them, the leader spent no time concealing his joy!

4. When He Was Whipped For Felix’s Smile

Not only did he say that Felix “makes his day so much better,” but Bang Chan even went as far as to call him the group’s happiness!

5. When He Voted For Felix To Be The Visual King

Despite the fact that there were so many idols to choose from among all six groups, Bang Chan knew from the very beginning who he was going to vote as the “Visual King” of Kingdom: Legendary War.

6. When He Gushed Over Felix’s Incredible Energy

One time that Felix was feeling a little down, Bang Chan’s encouraged him by revealing how pumped up he feels every time Felix’s part comes up in their song “My Pace”, bringing a shy smile to the rapper’s face!

“When you say, ‘You ready? Let’s go!’ in “My Pace,” you have this energy that is… simply incredible. When I hear you say that through my ear piece… It makes you go, ‘Alright, let’s do this!’ and then it’s just bang bang bang! That’s how I feel, really.

— Bang Chan

7. When He Complimented Felix’s Voice

After Felix sang in the middle of a live stream, Bang Chan felt the need to call him immediately (while he was still recording!) just to compliment his vocal ability.

8. When He Made Sure Felix Knew He’d Never Be Left Behind

After Felix was eliminated from Stray Kids’ survival show, (which was obviously a mistake that JYP thankfully corrected) Bang Chan went up and assured him that no matter what, he could always rely on him.

What is your favorite ChanLix moment?

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