8 Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Slayed An All White Outfit

How is anyone THIS gorgeous?!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has always been beautiful, but who knew that wearing an all white outfit could upgrade her visuals even more?!

Watch her look even more beautiful and angelic in these all white outfits!

1. White suit!

She looks classy and elegant in this all white suit! Her proportions are very well highlighted in the right spots!

2. Cherries on top!

Jeongyeon looks sweet and youthful in this cherry patterned dress!

3. Sparkly and white!

Her visuals have served ONCEs again in this gorgeous ensemble!

4. Casual

From stage outfits to off-stage casual outfits, Jeongyeon shows that she can rock it all in this comfortable all white outfit!

5. Expensive!

She looks like she owns one of the biggest companies in Korea! With her visuals and total ensemble, including the accessories, she can make anyone fall for her!

6. Goddess-like

Jeongyeon looks like a real goddess in this silky white dress! The blue flower crown she’s wearing gives the outfit more color and makes her look more feminine and fresh!

7. Playful

She goes for a more playful vibe,  but always making sure she looks her best!

8. Stunning

Jeongyeon looks stunning in this all-white dress she can both feel comfortable dancing in to just casually hanging out!