8 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Proved That She Can Slay Any Hair Color

How does she do it?

TWICE‘s Dahyun is known for many things and one of those is how she’s constantly changing her hair color!

She’s worn it all! From green to pink, to red, and any other color you can think of! The best part is she slays them all the time! Dahyun has never worn a hair color that fans didn’t enjoy seeing!

Here are 8 times Dahyun proved that she can slay any hair color!

1. Red

Dahyun looked like a real life Princess Ariel when she colored her hair red!

2. Ash brown

Dahyun definitely rocked ash brown! Her skin and her entire being looks golden!

3. Green

Who knew that green hair can look so good? Dahyun definitely slayed this wild hair color not everyone can pull off!

4. Ash blue

Dahyun looks gorgeous in ash blue! Never expected ash blue can make you look more elegant until Dahyun wore it!

5. Blonde

Perhaps one of the classics! ONCEs are always happy to see Dahyun in blonde hair!

6. Violet-Pink

The hair color that switched the game up! Only Dahyun can rock this violet to pink ombré hair color!

7. Gray

Another hair color not many people can pull off, but Dahyun can!

8. Black

ONCEs and everyone’s favorite hair color, classic black! It’s always exciting for ONCEs to see Dahyun in black hair because she almost never has this color on!

Some of these colors are truly unexpected hair colors, but Dahyun, the queen of hair colors, definitely didn’t let us down!


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