8 Touching Moments Where MAMAMOO Showed How Much They Love And Support Each Other

#4 is a loving moment of what MAMAMOO will do if you ask them to turn on each other.

MAMAMOO members love to playfully bully and tease one another from time to time, but you know that their relationship is deep and meaningful.

They’re not just random team mates or girl group members who barely know each other — they’re family.

Here are eight touching moments that prove just how much MAMAMOO love and care for one another.

1. When the members supported each other during their solo promotions

Solar gave Wheein a coffee truck, complete with a cute bear, for her solo promotions.

Hwasa also dropped by to do her duty as Wheein’s best friend by bringing her a lot of snacks.

During Moonbyul‘s solo activities, the members also took the time to visit her and congratulate her success.

2. Marriage?

That’s something that girl friends can perfectly do with each other, right?

3. When Moonbyul made friendship rings for all of them

Solar wanted to cry, until Moonbyul told her how much the ring cost.

Wheein initially thought the ring said “feeling” and they both laughed at how silly she was.

Hwasa joked about getting a ring box, but you can see how touched she was.

4. Tell MAMAMOO to turn on each other…

…and this is what they’ll do instead.

5. Their reactions to Hwasa’s win

6. We’re all in this together

It’s just like when you forgot the answer to the teacher’s question and your close friend whispers it to you.

7. There’s no “I” in MAMAMOO

And that’s the way it should be.

8. Constantly holding each other’s hands to ask for and give love and support, even while performing