8 Unconventional K-Pop Idol Beauty Tips You Need To Try Right Now

These celebrity beauty secrets are a little out there.

With looks ranking very highly in the K-Pop world, idols spend a lot of time and effort making sure they look their best. Thankfully some of our favorite celebrities aren’t secretive about their beauty routines and tips – but there are some interesting things idols do to keep their skin and face looking its best. Check out some of the most surprising tips given out by Korean idols and celebrities.


1. JooE’s 3-D lips

MOMOLAND‘s JooE‘s tip to get her plump lips is to apply two vastly different tones, a darker color at the ends and a lighter in the middle, which at first looks a bit shocking.

After blending and adding some final touches with precise wings at the edges of her lips, she finishes up with some glitter gloss.


2. Jessica’s curling tip

Jessica’s tip makes sense, but it’s not something you would think of immediately. She suggests using your hairdryer to heat the curve of the eyelash curler before you curl your lashes for a more dramatic curl. Check that it’s not too hot before curling your lashes with it – she’s been burned before.


3. Min’s double eyelid

Miss A‘s Min admitted she draws on her double eyelids; so well, in fact, that people often ask if she had plastic surgery. For light makeup days, she uses a light brown pencil to simply draw an outline right on her eyelid. She then applies a matte brown eyeshadow to blend the obvious line and make it look more natural.


4. Pony’s exfoliating method

Celebrity makeup artist Pony uses green tea as an sanitizer, soaking tea bags in warm water and applying it to the face rather than using ethanol.


5. Key’s smiley sunscreen

SHINee‘s Key‘s tip is to squeeze the sunscreen out onto your hand in the shape of a smiley face before dotting it all over your face. He also says, in true Key style, to “just do it” when describing how to apply BB cream.


6. Jung Hoyeon’s eye massage

Model Jung Hoyeon massages her eyelids with her thumb if her eyes look puffy when she wakes up. She also uses a pointed wooden tool to massage the junction between her thumb and index finger as it improves circulation and will improve the face.


7. Lee Sung Kyung’s hand placement

Actress Lee Sung Kyung said in an interview that she “tries not to do anything that impacts the shape of the face.” Although it is a bit of a weird habit, she tends to “press the side of [her] neck below the ears” rather than rest the side of her face on the palms of the hand when seated.


8. JooE’s fork contouring

JooE’s second style tip is to use a fork to apply contouring to the nose. It’s a strange one, but it works!