8 Wise Words From BTS’s Worldwide Handsome Jin That Will Make You UWU

Wise man Jin!

BTS‘s Jin, aside from being our worldwide handsome, is also the oldest member of the group and can give some great advice in terms of how to live our lives. He always carries a happy and caring personality and it truly shines with his interaction with the other members and fans. His work ethic and overall outlook on life continues to inspire people from all over the world. Let’s take a look at some wise words by Jin!

1. Jin believes that he is the same as everyone else in that we all put in the effort and work to reach our goals.

“BTS has truly worked very hard and that is why we are able to stand where we are now. So we are not special people but rather someone who worked really hard to receive a good outcome. So for those of you watching, I hope that you achieve a good outcome in everything that you do.”

2. Live happy in any circumstance

“My motto in life is to ‘always live happy in any circumstance’. Because I don’t like dark atmospheres, or if the mood is down, I always try my best to bring up the mood and the energy. Because of this, sometimes my efforts are backfired. It really hurts my heart every time, but I want to continue to go in a happy and bright way.”

3. Live in the moment

“Instead of running towards something, I’d rather live and be happy in the moment and show only good things to our ARMYs.”

4. He wants to be someone to lift people’s spirits

“Even when we are tired, instead of having everyone’s mood being down, it’s better to have one or two people to bring up the energy and the mood. The difference between the two is very big.”

5. This is what happiness means to Jin

“To me, happiness is having no worries being with people that have the same mind and thoughts as me.”

6. Live a little

“Thinking ‘wow this is fun. I’m having so much fun with all these people’ and acting like a child when I’m happy and sometimes not being serious has actually helped me more in my life. Because the moment you realize all of this, everything might become too much pressure.”

7. Love myself

“Truthfully, even after debuting and up until recently, I didn’t really love myself. But after trying to even force myself to love myself actually allowed me to gain confidence and love for myself. I hope that there are more people that love themselves and give them a pat-on-the-backs every day.”

8. Using others to make you happy

“The reason why I always play around is of course to be happy, but also because I become more happy seeing the other person laughing. I am using the other person to make myself happy. By making them laugh, I’m making myself laugh. It’s good because the other people laugh.”

Jin’s journey as a K-Pop idol and a member of BTS has given him many life experiences and lessons that he continues to share with the members and fans.

We hope to continue to see Jin’s growth as an artist for many years to come!