Here Are 9, 100% Real Reasons Why Jin Will Become A CEO One Day

Never forget JinHit Entertainment!

Fans have long thought that BTS‘s Jin would make a great CEO. While he’s best known for his handsome looks and amazing performances, he does possess a number of qualities that would be beneficial to a CEO. Although he’s never admitted that that is where he sees himself in the future, it’s hard not to imagine him in the role. Just take a look at some of the reasons below and you’ll start believing in CEO Jin too!

1. He’s hardworking

Jin has always been a very hardworking member of BTS. While Jin’s vocals have never failed to impress that doesn’t mean singing has always come easy to him. Before he was BigHit Entertainment casted him, he had no plans to become an idol so he worked extra hard to prove himself!

He also used to be considered one of the worst dancers in the group. Despite the label he worked hard and kills it every performance.

2. He’s kind

Jin is always looking out for his fellow members!

He cooks for them.

He brings them snacks.

And even puts their contacts in for them! But what this really means is that Jin is compassionate and will look after anyone who works with him, making him a good future CEO!

3. He’s intelligent

Jin is also a very intelligent individual. His fellow members and fans were so proud of him when he graduated from Konkuk University with a degree in Film and Acting.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, Jin didn’t stop there. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree through Hanyang Cyber University making everyone even prouder!

4. He’s got a unique sense of humor

While at first this seems like it would have nothing to do with becoming a CEO, having a sense of humor is actually a really great trait to have. A sense of humor would allow him to become closer to those under him and it would make everyone a lot more comfortable so that they wouldn’t feel insecure coming to him with any issues they might have.

5. He can be serious when he needs to

Just because he’s got a sense of humor doesn’t mean that he can’t be serious too. Jin knows where to draw the line and get down to business. Plus a combination of humor and seriousness would allow him to get closer to others while still maintaining a professional work environment.

6. He’s self-confident

How many times have we heard Jin say he’s handsome? At this point it’s almost too many to count! But that self-confidence will come in handy if he ever decides to become a CEO. It will help him not to second guess his decisions and will encourage others to be confident in themselves too.

7. He’s willing to teach others

Jin is also willing to teach others the skills that he possess. For instance, he taught the other members his famous traffic dance!

And he also taught RM the proper way to cut onions! Although these may be simple things, his willingness to impart his knowledge would translate really well to a CEO position.

8. He’s a modern day prince

Some people are convinced Jin would be a good CEO because his father is. While having a CEO in the family doesn’t guarantee that Jin would be a good CEO himself, his personality and intelligence definitely do. It’s just a bonus that he could ask his father for advice if he needed to!

9. And we all know that JinHit Entertainment is real

In 2015, Jin posted a picture of himself posing in front of BigHit Entertainment‘s logo saying “Hello, because I’m handsome today, please change this BigHit promotion sign.

And BigHit Entertainment actually did!

Although the post didn’t last long, fans created an actual Facebook page for JinHit Entertainment! So Jin already has a name for his company and an avid fanbase! Now all we need is for Jin to step in and take his position and we’re all set to see the magic that is JinHit Entertainment!