9 Actors Who Always Seem To Die In Whatever They Star In

Their characters have all died a surprising number of times!

Sometimes our favorite characters die in the dramas or movies they are starring in. That’s just the way things are sometimes, but for some actors and actresses they end up playing the role over and over again. From illness to murder, here are some actors who never seem to make it out of their productions alive.


1. Kim Kap Soo

Kim Kap Soo dies so often in K-Dramas and films that he has received the nickname “short lived.” In 2010 alone, his characters were killed off 6 times! He also has the strange honor of being killed of in 5 consecutive dramas. These include IRIS, Jejungwon, The Slave Hunters, Merchant Kim Man Deok, and Cinderella’s Sister!


2. Kim Nam Gil

Kim Nam Gil is one of those guys that has captured audiences with his heartbreaking death scenes. Which may be why he gets so many of these dying roles. Whether he’s cast in a movie or a drama, chances are he’s going to be facing death at some point. His fans were particularly moved by his performances in Portrait Of A Beauty and Bad Guy.


3. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun has played numerous dying roles since she started acting as a child. It all started with her appearance and death in Hometown Legends. This role led to her on-screen death three times in a row! Not to mention she played a semi-ghost on Let’s Fight Ghost! Bonus: She was thought to be dead in School 2015 too!


4. Seo Young Hee

In a film so jammed packed with character deaths, Seo Young Hee stands out. She starred in the psychological horror action film “Bedevilled” and it was her death that was the most shocking!


5. Lee Geung Young

Lee Geung Young has starred in a lot of films and dramas but not all of them have a happy ending for him. For instance, just last year he died in “The Prison”, “The Merciless”, and “Battleship Island”.


6. Jang Dong Gun

Jang Dong Gun has the unfortunate fate of dying in movies often.  Three of his most well-known death roles are from “Friend”, “Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War”, and “Seven Years of Night”.


7. Jang Young Nam

Jang Young Nam is a self-professed “always-dying actress.” She once admitted on Taxi that she generally dies in shocking ways. And she is right! She’s been killed in car crashes, had her neck snapped, committed suicide, and appeared as a ghost. But her most popular death scene happened in the first episode of Moon Embracing the Sun where she was ripped to death.


8. Jang Hyun Sung

Jang Young Nam isn’t the only one to experience a lot of varied death scenes. Jang Hyun Sung has been in numerous dramas where he died by firing squad, traffic accidents, murder, and many more.


9. Kang Dong Won

Another actor whose characters have suffered from at least 8 different death sequences is Kang Dong Won. He’s died from illnesses, death sentences, falls, and gunshots. He’s been murdered a few times and has even made a special appearance in film just to portray a historical character who died!

Source: 1boon