9 Adorable Times MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Proves She Really Deserves The “Conservative Moonbyul” Nickname

Hwasa really did #3 just to trigger Moonbyul, huh?

MooMoos appreciate the fact that MAMAMOO members are generous in their fan service efforts. And while most of the members are bold on stage, did you know that one member is actually very modest in real life?

Moonbyul is nicknamed “Conservative Moon” or “Conservative Byul” — not because of her political stance, but because of the fact that she is not fond of wearing revealing clothes for fear that she may unintentionally expose herself.

Moonbyul’s efforts isn’t limited to protecting herself alone: she also extends this protection towards her fellow members. Here are nine adorable times when “Conservative Moonbyul” comes to save the day.

1. Try and try, until you succeed

She looked at Solar and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

You know what they say — if at first you don’t succeed…

…try and try again!

2. When taking a photo with MooMoos

Moonbyul’s quick hands come to the rescue.

3. When Hwasa intentionally provoked her

As Moonbyul was sharing about how she doesn’t like to wear revealing clothes…

…Hwasa slightly pulls down her top and looks at her.

Moonbyul admitted that Hwasa drove her crazy by doing this — maybe she’ll try to adjust it after shooting?

4. A quick point will do the trick

5. When playing with the item gets too far

When Moonbyul gave this item to Hwasa for her to play with, she directly told Hwasa to stop doing what she’s doing when Hwasa started to put it inside her top.

6. If you don’t cover it up, it’s okay…

…Moonbyul’s always there to provide protection, after all.

7. Girl has got her priorities straight

Both Solar and Hwasa are concentrating on performing only, but Moonbyul was multi-tasking.

8. Sometimes, pointing won’t work

During the shooting of their show, Moonbyul directly told Wheein that she’s wearing a skirt so she should sit properly.

Wheein had no choice but to obey her unnie.

9. Don’t let the tummy show

While performing one of their songs, Moonbyul sneakily covered her blazer in the hopes of protecting her stomach from being exposed. She even closed some of the buttons to prevent accidental exposure.

At the end of the day, Moonbyul believes that everyone can be beautiful, even when they’re not wearing revealing clothes. Her amazing visuals are proof of that.

Want to see more Moonbyul getting cutely flustered? Here’s a video of her wearing a see-through dress. Check out her honest reaction on the next article below.

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