9 Awkward Idol Interview Moments Where You Will Feel The Cringe Through Your Screen

These moments are so cringe we can’t look away.

With K-Pop taking over South Korea and now the world, its idols are faced with many interviews and screen time and, like any unscripted interaction, they can get awkward—especially when more than one language comes into play. Check out some interactions between hosts and idols that are so cringeworthy they’re awkwardly funny.

1. When hosts on Radio Star wouldn’t stop questioning Goo Hara about her dating life and she threw a bottle

The hosts asked KARA‘s Goo Hara about which question she was most scared to answer, and she said, “I don’t want to talk about dating” – to which Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun said she was the “dating idol”. She pushed her bottle across the table in protest, which was already shocking, but when they kept asking about dating and she replied it was because articles always come out, MC Kim Gu Ra said, “Once articles keep coming out, people will stop caring so much. But I was wondering, your relationship doesn’t seem like it was that passionate?” Hara answered, “As I’ve said before, our Japanese promotions were very long. That’s all I’ll say.” Later, Kyuhyun said, “If I open my mouth, Hara will be over.” Hara exploded, burst up and said, “What do you mean, I’ll be over?! You can’t be 100% confident, either!” She got so emotional that she started crying, honestly saying, “I’m really angry.

2. When Suga and Jin reacted like this to J-Hope’s introduction on Ellen

This whole interview was slightly awkward, since the translator never translated what Ellen was saying so the boys, besides RM, couldn’t understand and were reacting awkwardly because of it.

3. When this interviewer yelled his introduction so suddenly it scared the sh*t out of AKMU.

4. When iHeartRadio’s interviewer was a massive EXO fangirl

She just stared for a full second after they answered the first question, whispering, “great“, and the boys cracked up and shot from their chairs.

Then she animatedly told EXO how big a deal it was that their billboards were in Times Square and the boys thought her reaction was so funny they mocked her by imitating her gestures.

5. When BLACKPINK’s Jennie came across as superior during a Knowing Bros episode

When she was asked if she studied English while she lived in New Zealand, Jennie replied, “well, I didn’t really have to study because I lived there“. The host asked, “which city did you live in?” and she asked, “do you know any cities in New Zealand?

6. When V burst out with “not!”

When Ellen asked if any of the boys had dated their fans, V exploded with “not!” and then “no!” very abruptly, making everyone laugh in sheer surprise.

7. When Krystal responded to a question about her abrupt personality

A host spoke about how fans thought f(x)‘s Krystal had a split personality because she comes across as rude during TV appearances but warm on her show… and her response was abrupt.

8. When Dani had to translate for T-ara N4

T-ara‘s first US appearance for Tara N4 did not go smoothly… and it wasn’t all Dani‘s fault.

9. When Kris Wu was asked whether he stays in touch with EXO members

Kris didn’t really answer, and then went along with what the host was saying as she tried to elicit some response by saying “yeah, yeah” when she asked, “or is it a matter of it is what it is?