Here Are The 9 Best Group Reactions To ATEEZ’s “Kingdom” Performance

Was there anything not to love?

With Mnet‘s Kingdom well and truly in full swing, all the groups are giving it their all with each stage!

In the third episode, it was time for ATEEZ to perform a version of their hit track, “WONDERLAND.” Even as the youngest group in the competition, all the participants were stunned by their skills and talent!

Here is a look at some of the best group reactions to ATEEZ’s second-round performance!

1. You shouldn’t expect anything less from the Pirate Kings!

2. Instead of just a performance, ATEEZ gave everyone an entire movie.

3. Same Kevin…

4. If the stage couldn’t get any grander, ATEEZ even had a giant octopus!

5. When Seonghwa killed the octopus, the groups were shook!

6. And then it was time for them all to witness that note from maknae Jongho!

7. Jongho showed off his talent, and the vocal kings BTOB couldn’t hide their amazement!

8. It definitely deserved a standing ovation!

9. Even when the performance ended, everyone was still in shock at how good they were!

You can watch the whole performance below!