9 Best Moments From The 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon

These moments will forever be remembered!

MBC’s annual Gayo Daejejeon was recently held to welcome and celebrate the New Year, and a lot went down during the show! The audience was blessed with a lot of collaboration stages between some of the best K-Pop artists of this generation and gave fans a performance they will remember forever.

Here are some of the most memorable moments from the broadcast!

1. NCT Dream and Stray Kids’ collaboration

Another collaboration with NCT Dream and Stray Kids! They have blessed fans with amazing and enjoyable performances together for the second time!

2. (G)I-DLE and ITZY’s collaboration

A collaboration between 2018 and 2019’s best rookies, (G)I-DLE and ITZY surely delivered a performance that has fans impressed! Fans of both groups definitely enjoyed watching the two groups perform together in one stage!

3. Oh My Girl and ASTRO covering IU

Oh My Girl and ASTRO showed everyone what talent is when they covered one of IU‘s songs during the program! It was a performance that shocked everyone with good feelings and made fans of both groups happy!

4. CHUNGHA’s “Snapping” remix

CHUNGHA performed a remix of her power track “Snapping” and blew fans away all over again with her undeniable talent!

5. HYUNA and DAWN’s collaboration

After a tough journey and rising back up together, HYUNA and DAWN performed at the Gayo Daejejeon as the first couple to ever do so! They did really great in their individual performances and even better in their joint performance!

6. GOT7, NU’EST, and MONSTA X’s collaboration

Some of K-Pop’s best main vocalists, GOT7‘s Youngjae and JBNU’EST‘s Baekho and Minhyun, and MONSTA X‘s Shownu and Kihyun came together at the Gayo Daejejeon stage and showcased their talents!

7. SEVENTEEN opening 2020 with “HIT”

After the New Year countdown, SEVENTEEN opened 2020 with a powerful performance of their dance track, “HIT.” With a song that encourages you to breakthrough, it was definitely the perfect song to welcome the new year!

8. MAMAMOO and SEVENTEEN’s collaboration

Perhaps one of the best performances of the night was MAMAMOO and SEVENTEEN‘s collaboration stage! They performed a short medley of “You’re the Best” and “Clap,” after showcasing their versatility through covering each other’s songs, proving that they are some of the most talented artists in the industry!

9. Taemin and TWICE’s collaboration

A collaboration performance between SHINee‘s Taemin and TWICE‘s Jihyo and Momo was definitely a performance the world never knew it needed. It was a performance that was filled with nothing but pure talent and passion, and fans definitely want to see more of this!