The 9 Best Pieces Of Advice On Dating Given By Korean Celebrities

Korean celebrities gave advice on dating and here are 9 of the best (and funniest) ever given.

1. “When a cute dance doesn’t work, I go after his parents.”

T-ARA‘s Eunjung revealed that she was a good girlfriend by being good to her boyfriend’s parents. She would buy them presents and call them often, and even after they broke up — the parents still stayed in touch with her.


2. “If I found my other half, I would give her jewels.”

EXO‘s Lay says that the best way to show affection is through actions, so he would shower his life partner in jewels!


3. “You’re one hour late? You have to spend one more hour with me.”

If his girlfriend was late for their date, MONSTA X‘s Kihyun would just tell his lover to spend extra time with him. He wouldn’t get mad at all!


4. “Help her do things she can do herself.”

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel is such a kind guy that he would help his girlfriend put her shoes on by letting her use his fingers as a shoehorn.


5. “I cut off contact with him for around a month [to test how he can take my mood swings].”

Actress Han Eunjung tests the guy she is flirting with by showing him one of her mood swings to see how he’ll take it.


6. “You must kiss on the first date to find out if you are compatible.”

John Park believes if you wait a week or two until the kiss, you might find out the kiss is horrible. Therefore, it’s better to find out right away if you are compatible!


7. “Don’t meet a good person. Meet a compatible person.”

Lee Hyori‘s hubby remains constant and calm even when she has a lot of mood swings.


8. “I drove from Seoul to Busan back to Seoul, because she missed the pork rice stew she ate in Busan. When I tell this story, other guys might want to try it. They really shouldn’t.”

Yoon Si Yoon‘s ex-girlfriend felt scared or weirded out when he went the extra mile for her.


9. “Don’t make her wait too long. That’s why we broke up.”

Kim Jong Kook wanted to become a better person for his future wife and child before getting married. As a result, his ex-girlfriend couldn’t wait any longer and ended things.