9 Of The Best Thai Dramas Featuring LGBTQ+ Stories That K-Drama Lovers Will Adore

LGBTQ+ series are exploding in Thailand, and you need to know why!

LGBTQ+ Thai series are quickly blowing up in popularity all around the world! While there isn’t much in the GL department, their BL series are the most popular form of entertainment the country creates. However, everyone is watching Korean Dramas much more! Why are these so popular?

Well, these 9 essential LGBTQ+ Thai Dramas are here to show you exactly what you’re missing and how to do an LGBTQ+ show right! Happy Pride Month!

Note: If you are unfamiliar, Thai people commonly use nicknames instead of their real names. Sometimes those nicknames are English words, and sometimes they can be as short as one letter, but they do not use their real names for informal events. For example: Ten from NCT.

Key: BL = Boys’ Love, GL = Girls’ Love

1. A Tale of A Thousand Stars

LGBTQ+ Content: BL

After a teacher dies in a tragic accident, her heart is transplanted into Tian (Mix Sahaphap Wongratch). He learns about his donor’s life through diary entries that reveal her secrets and interests, including her promise to count a thousand stars with Chief Forest Officer Phupha (Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri). Tian decides to fulfill her promise and attempts to befriend Phupha, who initially is cold toward him. As the two slowly grow closer, they both notice something is changing between them. 

2. 2gether


LGBTQ+ Content: BL

Tine (Win Metawin Opasiamkajorn) is a college cheerleader, while Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree) is one of the most popular guys in school who plays soccer instruments. When Tine is chased by Green (Gun Korawit Boonsri), who he rejected, he begs Sarawat to pretend to date him to push Green away. Pretend somehow starts to turn into reality.

3. I Told Sunset About You

LGBTQ+ Content: BL

Teh (Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul) and Oh-aew (PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn) were best friends until puberty turned them into rivals. Years later, as they’re preparing for university admissions, both pursuing interests in the field of Communication Arts, the two meet in a Chinese language class. Their reunion awakens complicated and unstable feelings.

4. The Stranded


LGBTQ+ Content: Bisexuality, BL, GL

When a tsunami strands dozens of teens on an island, they soon realize no rescuers are coming, and they must save themselves.

5. Until We Meet Again

LGBTQ+ Content: BL

Thirty years ago, Korn (Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun) and Intouch (Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote) were university students in Bangkok. Intouch decided to enter Korn’s life despite knowing that he was the son of the mafia. At first, Korn pushed Intouch away, but eventually, he couldn’t resist. Homosexuality wasn’t accepted back then, but Intouch kept fighting for their relationship while Korn couldn’t deal with the suffering and gave up. That day, two gunshots were heard.

Years later, Pharm (Fluke Natouch Siripongthon), a freshman at T- University, has always felt like he is waiting for someone. This is because he cries in his sleep every night, is afraid of loud noises, and has a birthmark on his temple. Dean (Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert), the third-year swimming club’s president at T- University, has also spent his life searching for his missing piece.

6. TharnType

LGBTQ+ Content: BL

Type (Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong) is a freshman with a passion for football and spicy food. Although he’s friendly, he hates gay people because a man molested him as a child. His life turns upside down when he receives a new roommate, Tharn (Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat). Tharn is a handsome and passionate music major who is openly gay. When Type realizes, he is determined to make Tharn leave the dorm, but Tharn is determined not to give in.

7. Diary of Tootsies

LGBTQ+ Content: BL, GL

The story of three gay men who got their hearts broken on the same day, and their lesbian friend comforts them even though her heart has never been broken. They vow to find partners before the New Year.

8. Manner of Death

LGBTQ+ Content: BL

Dr. Bunnakit (Tul Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai) is a medical examiner at a provincial hospital. One day, after performing an autopsy on a woman who supposedly killed herself, he realizes that it was actually a murder. However, his conclusion suddenly makes him a target. When an anonymous man breaks into his house and threatens him to change his report to suicide, Dr. Bunnakit doesn’t take this threat seriously. All that changes when one of his friends, a prosecutor, suddenly disappears. Dr. Bunnakit investigates, and all clues lead to one suspect, a man named Tan (Max Nattapol Diloknawarit), who denies any involvement. Tan convinces Dr. Bunnakit to team up together in order to find the real murderer.

9. Why R U?

LGBTQ+ Content: BL

Tutor (Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana) is wise beyond his age and very rational, while Fighter (Zee Pruk Panich) is extremely emotional. They began by arguing with each other but soon developed a close relationship. Saifah (Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan) is a popular, mischievous musician, while Zon (Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol) is a shy sci-fi writer. Due to a bet made with his sister Zol (Perth Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich), he starts writing sci-fi stories, but after being scolded for not studying, he has to stop. Later, when his friends tell him to steal ideas from his sister, he sees that his name is being used in her fiction along with his enemy’s, Saifah.

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