Here Are 9 BTOB Group Poses That Just Scream Iconic

Even now, they are legendary!

BTOB recently celebrated their 9th anniversary as a group! Over those years, the group has gained a following for their stand-out vocals, catchy songs, and energetic performances!

The members are known for being carefree, random, and so much fun! One of the things that fans always remember is the iconic poses the group has done at various press events.

Here is a look at nine iconic poses from BTOB that prove why they are so outstanding!

1. Has Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” painting ever looked so handsome?

Someone needs to paint this on Sistine Chapel!

2. The group found a way to defy gravity for this pose!

Well, almost all of them did; it seems like Minhyuk might have struggled a bit.

3. Nothing beats a classic human pyramid!

Sungjae and Hyunsik definitely had the easiest job during this event.

4. From a human pyramid to a human fan, is there anything BTOB cannot do?

This pose was actually recommended to the group by a fan, and they did everything to make it happen.

5. It is a very unique interpretation.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely adorable and standard BTOB.

6. Is it even raining?

It never hurts to be too prepared.

7. BTOB channel their inner TWICE for the “Cheer Up” inspired pose!

It might not be that obvious, but it is still unique and different from what the other groups would have done!

8. At first, it may look like a normal pose but look closer…

The group missed leader Eunkwang so much that they made sure he was with them at all times.

9. It looks like some traditions never go away!

Even in 2021, BTOB finds a way to step outside of the box and add their own twist to everything they do!