9 Cancelled Korean TV Shows Fans Desperately Want Back

Can we have new seasons, please?

1. Invincible Youth

Invincible Youth was an incredibly popular, 2 season, variety show that first aired in 2009. Season 1 featured Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls, Sunhwa of Secret, HyunA, Hyomin of T-ara, Sunny and Yuri of Girls’ Generation, and Hara of Kara. Collectively, the group was called “G7”. G7 experienced living the rural life by doing farm work, often with hilarious consequences. Season 2, which featured only a fraction of the original cast, was canceled partway through, due to scheduling conflicts and low ratings. That was back in 2012, but fans still miss it!

2. Hit the Stage

Hit the Stage aired from July to September in 2016, and was everything you’d want in a dance competition show. It celebrated the art of dance with many of K-Pop’s best dancers, who viewers got to see in entirely new light. Competitors danced mind-blowing choreographies with some of Korea’s best dance crews, who were able to promote themselves through the show. The star-studded list of competitors included SHINee‘s TaeminTWICE‘s Momo, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, and many more. These idols put on jaw-dropping performances, like the one GOT7‘s Yugyeom did here.

3. Hello Baby

On Hello Baby, young celebrities experienced the ups and downs of parenthood by raising children under the age of 5. It began airing in 2009 and ended with its seventh season, in 2013. The show’s cast of “parents”, from Season 1 to Season 7, were Girls’ Generation, SHINee, T-ara, Sistar and Leeteuk (Super Junior), MBLAQ, B1A4, and Boyfriend.

One of its most memorable seasons featured SHINee and an adorable little boy named Yoogeun, who has stayed in contact with his “daddies” since then. Fans would love it if this show came back so that they could see what more idol groups would be like as parents!

4. Night Goblin

Night Goblin was a reality program starring Lee Soo-geun, Jeong Hyeong-don, Park Sung-kwang, F.T. Island‘s Lee Hong-gi and NU’EST‘s JR. In each episode, the night owl cast, referred to as “night goblins”, attempted to be the first in line to get into popular recreational venues like restaurants, food trucks and stands, and theme parks. The show introduced viewers to many places and delicious foods. The last episode aired in March 2018, but viewers wouldn’t object to seeing more adventures in a brand new season!

5. Roommate

On Roommate, a mashup of celebrities lived together in a house located in the Seongbuk-dong area of Seoul. The house features sixty cameras and five bedrooms that recorded the casts’ interactions as they hung out, played games, and did chores together. Unfortunately, since Season 2 was not as successful as Season 1, the show was canceled due to low ratings, in 2015.

6. Strong Heart

Strong Heart aired from 2009 to 2013, and was one of the most popular Korean talk shows in recent history. Every episode, guest stars told emotional (“strong”) stories to make people either cry or laugh to be crowned as the episode’s best storyteller. Strong Heart allowed fans to learn more about their favourite stars by listening to their stories, and it also introduced them to new celebs they might not have known about before.

7. Star Golden Bell

Star Golden Bell was a popular game show that revolved around mini-games with cash prizes. The game winners were given the opportunity to ring the golden bell if they could correctly answered a riddle. If they did, their winnings were then donated in their name to a charity of KBS‘s choice. Sadly, this hit show came to an end in 311th episode, but wouldn’t it be great to see 311 more?

8. Cool Kiz On The Block

Cool Kiz On The Block was a celebrity sports competition show that aired from 2013 to 2016. Each episode, celebrity teams competed in a sport against teams of citizens from all over Korea. Some of the sports included table tennis, bowling, badminton, basketball, taekwondo, football, tennis, foot volleyball, cycling, swimming, judo, wrestling, volleyball, and archery.

This show was the perfect choice for sporty K-Pop fans who love to see their athletic idols, like 2PM‘s Nichkhun in action!

9. Infinite Challenge

Infinite Challenge was Korea’s premiere variety show and lasted for over 13 years. During its time, it featured numerous different challenges and games, and brought an entirely new light to Korean variety shows.