9 Of The Catchiest K-Pop Group Introductions

These K-Pop greetings really show their creativity further!

K-Pop groups introduce themselves each in a specific way, usually following the concept their group is going for or something creative behind their group name, and most of the time comes along with a hand gesture. K-Pop fans end up memorizing their favorite group’s introductions as these are usually unique, creative, and very catchy!

Here are some of the catchiest K-Pop Group Introductions:


“Hoo! Hello, we are MONSTA X!”

MONSTA X makes a sound similar to when scaring people, sounding just like monsters, talented ones at that, to go along with their group name, .


“One in a million! Hello, we are TWICE!”

TWICE are indeed girls who are one in a million!

3. BTS

“2, 3 Bangtan. Hello, we are BTS!”

BTS emphasizing that they are indeed bulletproof!


“Say the name! SEVENTEEN! Hello, we are SEVENTEEN!”

SEVENTEEN uses an introduction that emphasizes their name with big arm gestures!

5. Red Velvet

“Happiness! Hello, we are Red Velvet!”

The girls from Red Velvet sure make people feel happiness!


“Mama-Mama-moo, hello, we are MAMAMOO!”

Mamamoo makes use of their strong vocals to harmonize when doing their group introductions!


“Wanna be your star! Hello, we are ASTRO!

ASTRO just wants to be the star that will give all of us happiness!

8. EXO

“We are one! Hello, we are EXO!”

EXO shows off their team work in their group introduction!


“Show time NU’EST Time! Hello, we are urban electric band, NU’EST!”

NU’EST pretty much sums up their group sound in their group introduction!