9 Dance Moves So Graceful They’ll Leave You Speechless

There are no words for how beautiful some of these movements are.

One of the most important parts of a song is its choreography. Sometimes it’s not all about how well the choreography is memorized. It’s about how skilled the dancer is in delivering the choreography gracefully.


1. ASTRO’s Moonbin, Rocky & Jinjin

As always, Rocky does one of his signature spins. But, all the members work together to make the choreography of their song “Always You” appear effortless.

2. BTS’s Jimin

For his solo song “Lie”, Jimin expresses the emotions of the song in such a graceful way that we’re able to feel it.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Dino, Jun & The8

SEVENTEEN‘s performance unit not only makes sure that everyone’s in sync but that everyone is graceful in their movements for “13th Month Dance”.

4. Taemin

In “Thirsty”, Taemin is able to make complicated choreography seem simple just from his movements.

5. SF9

With 9 members it’s hard to have everyone in sync, but SF9 manages to accomplish that feat in “O Sole Mio” and makes it look graceful.

6. NCT U

The debut video of the NCT U unit, “The 7th Sense”, is well thought out in terms of choreography with different members moving at different times but somehow showing a graceful display of restraint and perfect timing.

7. VERIVERY’s Hoyoung

In VERIVERY‘s cover of VIXX‘s “Shangri-La”, Hoyoung makes the choreography his own with this graceful dance move.


In “Beautiful”, MONSTA X show a more refined and gentler side with smooth choreography that reaches its graceful peak as the members effortlessly pass their jackets among each other.

9. WayV’s Ten & Winwin

The choreography that Ten and Winwin created is a masterpiece and a perfect display of what grace is.

There are a lot of dancers in K-Pop but not everyone has accomplished the feat of grace.

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