9 Disney Princesses Were Given Korean Makeovers…And The Results Were Breathtaking

Classic fairy tales take on a new look.

What do you get when you take Disney characters and mix it with Korean stylization? Pure beauty. The style of art used by artists from different culture differ vastly and emerging Korean artist Wu Na Young (Obsidian), took some of our favorite fairytale characters and gave them a Korean make over!


1. Beauty And The Beast

Instead of a wolf-like appearance, the Beast looks more like a tiger which were once found throughout the Korean Peninsula. Plus his traditional clothing just looks fantastic on him. Then there is his beautiful counterpart in a stunning hanbok!


2. Alice In Wonderland

Alice is normally portrayed as a fine English rose type, but you can’t help but love this Korean version. Not only are Alice and the White Rabbit wearing traditional clothes, the whole backdrop of when Alice is falling down the rabbit hole is set just perfectly for this new concept!


3. Little Mermaid

You can’t help but love the braided hairdos depicted in this little mermaid scene. Plus the traditional hairpieces and hanboks lend something all together new to the “Little Mermaid” tale we traditionally know. Add that to the beautiful watercolor background and it’s a visual masterpiece!


4. Little Red Riding Hood

How Little Red Riding Hood could never be truly terrified when she held a conversation with a wold we’ll never know. This Korean depiction is a lot more realistic since the “wolf” is a male gumiho. Gumihos are foxes that transform into humans (traditionally beautiful women) that seduce their pray so they can eat their hearts. Now it makes sense why the wolf ate her grandmother!


5. Snow White

Snow White has always been described as having fair white skin and hair as dark as a raven’s wing so who says she couldn’t have been Korean? Honestly, this depiction really does make her look like the “fairest of them all!


6. The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince comes alive within this picture. She looks absolutely lovely. It’s really no wonder the frog wanted her kiss! Interestingly, frog’s cousin toad are actually seen as lucky in Korea.


7. The Wild Swans

You can’t help but love the princess’ beautiful gown and flawless hair as she tries to save her swan brothers.


8. Snow Queen

Wu Na Young sticks to the traditional “Snow Queen” story in this depiction. You can’t help but appreciate all the small snowflake details. Plus it looks like a visual masterpiece!


But Wu Na Young didn’t just stop there with this story, she also did a Korean rendition of Elsa from Disney‘s “Frozen”.