9 Most Epic Hairstyles Of BLACKPINK Since Debut

The BLACKPINK girls have had some super creative hairstyles over the years.

BLACKPINK is coming back soon and the girls have been spotted with new hairstyles recently, rocking brown and black tones with curls, waves and shorter hair! In honor of their impending comeback, check out some of Lisa, Rose, Jisoo and Jennie‘s most creative and iconic hair styles since their debut.


1. Lisa’s pastel hair

Lisa has had quite a few different styles since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, but one of her most out-there looks is her pastel blue and silver bangs.

Later she varied this look with some dark highlights but both styles suit her perfectly!


2. Jisoo’s rainbow

Jisoo likes soft purples and dark tones, but she went for a brighter look when she opted for a reverse ombre purple and red dye.

It was purple at the bottom, with the crown a rich red.

She went even brighter when she incorporated blue and purple highlights!

Her head was like an explosion of color and it was super stylish!


3. Lisa’s mild brown with bangs

Lisa is known for her wild colors, so it’s rarer to see her with soft, neutral tones.

But she looks super feminine and elegant with natural brown curls!


4. Jennie’s frizzy curls

Jennie always looks amazing no matter her style, but she tends to keep with sleek, straight hair. Not this time – she showed off tight ringlet curls!

Although she’s most often seen with straight or wavy hair, Jennie appears with crimped hair from time to time.


5. Rosé’s rose locks

Rosé is known for her iconic red-pink hair, a color similar to her namesake, but she also rocked a lighter orange tone.

She definitely pulls off this lighter, straw-colored look.


6. Jisoo’s bangs

She looks completely different with dark bangs!


7. Jennie half-up, half down

This casual hair style fits her outfit perfectly, accentuated by the blonde tips.


8. Rose’s braids

Rose’s braids for the “As If It’s Your Last” MV were serious style goals.


9. Jennie’s side sweep

Jennie tends to part her hair in the middle, but this time she rocked the sexy hair look with a side part!