9 Examples That Show You Should Keep Your Distance When EXO Kai Is Laughing

Please wear some protective gear

We all have a friend that hits you when they crack up. It can be annoying but it’s usually endearing to see someone laugh so hard. EXO’s Kai is that friend within the group and here are 9 examples.

1. Short and light

2. Sehun’s so used to it, he knows it’s coming

3. He hits you when he’s embarrassed

4. Chanyeol’s reaction is so funny


5. Leader Suho is no exception



6. One big slap!


7. You can run but he will follow you


8. You can block but you won’t succeed


9. Hitting – Strangling – Hugging combo!

Hey, if it always leads to a hug, we’ll make you laugh 24/7 Kai!!