9 Extremely Adorable Habits of BTS’s V That Make Him The Ultimate Boyfriend Material

If you’ve seen habit #5 in person, you’re extremely lucky.

ARMYs know that BTS‘s has some sexy habits — it’s one of the reasons why a lot of them fell for him.

Aside from being naughty, did you know that V has some nice “boy-next-door” habits, too?

Here are his adorable traits that make him the perfect boyfriend material:

1. He loves saying cheesy things without cringing

In Japan, saying “the moon is beautiful today, isn’t it?” can also mean that you’re indirectly confessing your love to someone — that’s why he said this to Japanese ARMYs during their concert:

2. His boxy smiles and laughs make you feel warm and cuddly

V’s smile is brighter than the sun.

His laugh is more than a facial movement: it’s a work of art and you should consider yourself lucky if you can experience it at least once in your life.

3. He’s not afraid to say “I love you”

And when he says it, you know he means it.

4. There’s never a dull moment with him

You tell him you’re bored, so what does he suggest you do? Dance party!

5. The way he intensely looks at you when you’re telling him something?

Yes, it’s one of the reasons why you love having serious conversations with him, too: the way he looks at you like you’re the only person in the world is mesmerizing.

6. Bad day? His wacky faces can cheer you right up

He’s the type of boyfriend who’ll do anything — yes, even goofy faces — just to make you laugh.

7. You love cooking for him because he eats well

After all, he grew up with his grandma always telling him to eat well, didn’t he?

8. Olaf’s not the only one who loves warm hugs

V is the type of person who loves giving and receiving warm hugs from the people he loves.

9. You’ll always feel loved, even when you’re sleeping

V is very affectionate: even when’s sleeping, he makes sure to still express how much he values having you in his life.

Time to ask the fairy godmother for that one wish, then?