9 Fan Edits Of TWICE In “Squid Game” That Are Too Great Not To Share

TWICE has seen #8!

Netflix‘s hit K-Drama Squid Game has taken the world by storm, and K-Pop fans are getting in on the fun by imagining how their favorite idols would fare in the deadly competition and by making hilarious memes. ONCEs, in particular, have been having lots of fun creating TWICE and Squid Game memes.

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 9 memes of TWICE in Squid Game!

1. Even the creepy “Red Light, Green Light” doll loves TWICE’s “The Feels”

2. How one fan predicts each individual member would do in Squid Game

3. Looks like Dahyun’s Annabelle Halloween costume got an upgrade

| @fakta_mina/Twitter

4. Squid Game meets TIME TO TWICE  

5. Imagine opening your honeycomb and seeing this

6. We would definitely watch this

7. When the edits have a chance of becoming reality

8. This one gives a new meaning to TWICE’s “Behind the Mask”

9. We would 100% call the number on this card


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