9 Female Idols Who Are The Tiny Rappers Of Their Groups

These tiny idols can also spit fire!

All idols are visuals in their own right, and captivate fans with their various charms! Some of them have cute heights that add to their charms, which contrast their badass rapper positions in the group! Here are 9 tiny female idols who serve as the rappers of their group, and make fans fall for their talents and cuteness!

1. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is the group’s charismatic leader and main rapper, and is also their shortest member! Standing at 157 cm, she still exudes pure power and star quality onstage, and fans love how her cute height contrasts her image as a rapper!


2. Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung

As a part of both I.O.I and Weki Meki, Choi Yoojung served as their lead and main rapper respectively! Despite her cute height of 157 cm, and her accompanying adorable charms, she totally spits fire with her verses!

Listen to her rap vers here from 2:27!



EVERGLOW‘s E:U is the group’s leader, main rapper and main dancer, and is also the shortest member of the group! She stands at 160 cm, and gives off total girl crush vibes with her fierce rapping!

Listen to her rap verse here, at 1:24!


4. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is the group’s main rapper, and resident cute and tiny member! Standing at 158.9 cm, she is the shortest member of her group, and slays with her amazing rapping!


5. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

| @hyoyeon_x_x/ Instagram

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon is one of the tiniest members of her group, and came into the rapper position much later in her career! She stands at 158 cm, and is still a powerhouse of talents in dance and rapping!


6. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene is the leader and main rapper of the group (and fills a few other positions too!) and is also one of the tiniest members of her group! Coming in at 158 cm, she blows fans away with her visuals and soft rapping style, and totally kills it!

Listen to her rap here from 2:12!


7. TWICE’s Dahyun

TWICE‘s Dahyun serves as the lead rapper of the group, and alongside Chaeyoung is one of the tiniest members of the group! She stands at 158.6 cm, and impresses fans with her rapping and visuals!

Listen to her rap from 2:27 onwards!


8. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet’s Yeri is the lead rapper and maknae of her group, and has proven her prowess as a rapper by writing many of her own lyrics! Her soft visuals go well with her style of rapping, and fans love watching her perform!


9. LOONA’s Yeojin

LOONA‘s Yeojin is the tiniest rapper/maknae on this list! She stands at 154 cm, and she serves as the resident cutie member of her group, occasionally delivering rape verses too!

Listen to her cute rap at 1:41 onwards here!