9 Female Idols Who Have Good-Looking Younger Brothers You Never Knew About

We can all agree that idols are good looking but what about their siblings? Here are a few female idols who have good-looking younger brothers.

1. EXID’s Hani

Ahn Tae Hwan

Hani’s younger brother is Ahn Tae Hwan. He has previously been featured in a music video and his debut as an actor is upcoming.

2. Oh My Girl’s Arin

Choi Seokjun

A post shared by 최석준 (@choi_s_jun_) on

A post shared by 최석준 (@choi_s_jun_) on

Arin’s little brother loves to post pictures with his sister on his Instagram! But her little brother is also gaining a lot of attention recently because of his great fashion sense and strong visuals.

3. APINK’s Eunji

Jung Min Ki

Eunji and her little brother Min Ki are always so cute together and it looks like the siblings get along pretty well.

4. Sunmi

Lee Seung Don and Lee Sun Dong

Sunmi doesn’t just have one good-looking brother but two!

5. Former 9MUSES’ Sera

Her brother is so handsome!

6. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Son Jeong Hun

Chaeyoung and her brother Jeong Hun are so cute! People have been talking about how handsome he is, even going so far as saying he should be a model.

7. NS Yoon Ji

Netizens are surprised by how similar the two look. What do you think?

8. Secret’s Sunhwa

Han Seungwoo

It’s no secret that Secret’s Sunhwa has a famous brother! Yep, VICTON’s Seungwoo is her baby brother.

9. Sandara Park

Thunder (Park Sang Hyun)

Most people don’t know that former 2NE1 member Dara has a famous little brother. Her little brother is Thunder from MBLAQ. Look at those sibling visuals!

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