9 Former K-Pop Idols Who Are Now Parents

A lot of them even retired from the entertainment industry as a whole.

K-Pop idols getting into relationships is always a touchy topic, as some netizens and fans can react negatively to the news. This eventually goes away once idols get to a certain age. Some idols even quit the idol life once they get married. Here are 9 former K-Pop idols who are now parents.

1. Ko Ji Yong (Former member of Sechs Kies)

Ko Ji Yong originally debuted as a member of Sechs Kies. The group disbanded a couple of years after their debut, and Ko Ji Yong decided to retire as a celebrity in 2000. Ko Ji Yong eventually met his wife and got married in 2013. The two welcomed their son, Ko Seung Jae, in 2014.

2. Yulhee (Former member of LABOUM)

Yulhee originally debuted a member of LABOUM in 2014. Yulhee announced in 2017 that she was going to get married to Choi Min Hwan, who is a member of F.T. Island. Yulhee gave birth to their son in the same year and left LABOUM. In 2020, Yulhee announced that she had given birth to twin daughters.

3. Eugene (Former member of S.E.S)

Eugene originally debuted as a member of S.E.S. After the group disbanded, she decided to focus more on her acting career, which is what her main projects have been for the last couple of years. Eugene married actor Ki Tae Young in 2011. The couple currently has 2 children together.

4. Sunye (Former member of Wonder Girls)

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Sunye originally debuted as a member of Wonder Girls in 2007. In 2013, Sunye announced that she would be retiring from the entertainment industry, and be getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend. The two currently have 3 children together.

5. Eli  (Former member of U-KISS)

Eli originally debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008, but eventually left the group in 2018. In 2015, Eli announced that he had been married to his wife for over a year. Since that time, Eli has shown his life as a father on many occasions.

6. Soyul (Former member of Crayon Pop)

Soyul debuted as a member of Crayon Pop in 2012 but left the group in 2017 once she announced that she would be getting married to Moon Hee Jun. She soon gave birth to their daughter, who is getting lots of love from her appearances on The Return of Superman.

7. Dongho (Former member of U-KISS)

Dongho originally debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008, but eventually left the group in 2013. In 2015, Dongho announced that he became a father.

8. Shoo (Former member of S.E.S)

Shoo originally debuted as a member of S.E.S. After the group disbanded, she focused more on individual activities, such as acting. Shoo currently has 3 children with her husband.

9. Joon Park (g.o.d)

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Joon Park originally debuted as a member of g.o.d. It seems that Joon Park is only active as an idol when g.o.d has reunions. He is now more focused on entertainment, as he likes giving people a good laugh. Joon Park announced in 2015 that he was going to get married. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2017.