9 Funniest Moments of BTS’s J-Hope Being Scared That’ll Make You Laugh And Want To Protect Him At The Same Time

How can Hobi do important businesssu when he’s scared of the snakeu?

ARMYs love BTS’s J-Hope for his powerful dancing prowess.

They’re also great fans of how J-Hope manages to inject different styles and a variety of tones in the way he delivers his rap.

But did you know that most ARMYs find Hoseok’s scaredy-cat face extremely adorable, too?

With that in mind, let’s look back at the top nine funniest moments of Hobi being scared.

These will make you want to laugh at loud and fiercely protect him at the same time.

1. Not everyone likes roller coasters

Sometimes, just watching from afar is better.

2. Scary movies are scary for a reason

He got so scared, he hit his leg in the process.

3. “I hate snakeu”

How can he do important businesssu when the snake’s all over him?

4. Random bugs

When it comes to bugs, it’s every man for himself!

5. When it’s dark and you’re confused

It’s a good thing he didn’t fall down.

6. When he thought they’re being kidnapped

We can clearly hear the collective “Awww~” from all the viewers.

7. Theme park rides, again

At least with Hobi‘s charm, you can always convince the theme park attendant to let you try the kiddie rides?

8. Look at those fast reflexes

You can clearly tell he’s an experienced dancer.

9. A meme has never been so accurate

Looking at the list, one thing’s for sure: J-Hope may scare easily, but at least he’s not afraid to express his feelings clearly.

And that’s a win in every ARMY’s heart.