9 Funniest Moments When BTS’s Jin And Suga Showed They’re The Perfect Comedic Duo

Only Jin could do #3 to Suga and get away with it.

ARMYs can’t get enough of the relationship between two of BTS‘s hyungsJin and Suga. Both of them have been roommates for decades, so you know they can understand what each other is feeling.

This implicit understanding can come in the form of hugs whenever one of them needs it…

…and it can also be expressed in the way they both feed off of each other’s energy, resulting in similar facial expressions when faced with the same situation.

Maybe this is the reason why both of them are such hilarious comedians? If you don’t believe us, here are nine moments that prove how funny Suga and Jin are when they’re interacting with each other on camera.

1. They’re partners-in-crime and they don’t care what other people say

During episodes of Run! BTS, you can see that the both of them conspire with each other all the time in order to win the game. This can be seen in the way they lie, cheat, and even steal from unsuspecting BTS members, resulting in complete chaos.

2. Say “ahhh~”

Suga trusted Jin to feed him yummy seafood, but Jin had other plans.

Needless to say, Suga’s face when he realized what he just ate is priceless.

3. Only Jin could do this to Suga and live to tell the tale

Suga wanted to cheer for Jin…

…but Jin told him to shut up since he couldn’t concentrate. The rest of the group couldn’t help but laugh.

4. Remember when they won the award for “Best Roommates” and they were completely absorbed in playing the part?

5. Looking at this moment, you wouldn’t know which one was older

6. Suga’s reaction to Jin’s dad jokes will always be iconic

Maybe one of the reasons why Jin always insists on doing them is because he loves how Suga always acts annoyed whenever he does dad jokes?

You could hear him saying he’s annoyed, but you know deep down that he’s actually enjoying himself.

7. When Suga intentionally left him out of his list of favorite things

Suga’s plan to playfully bully Jin failed when RM came to the rescue.

8. There are two types of people in the world

9. Sometimes, words aren’t needed for you to see how funny they are

You just need to look at the way they react to each other’s “difficulties” and you can instantly find yourself laughing.