9 Iconic Moments That Show Why MC Jaejae Is One Of K-Pop’s Most Loved Hosts

There’s no one like her!

Jaejae is beloved by both K-Pop idols and fans thanks to her high energy style of hosting as well as her attentiveness and her refreshing take on MCing. Here is a list of 9 moments that make Jaejae one of K-Pop’s favorite MCs!

Jaejae (center) with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (left) and SHINee’s Key (right). | @happy_jae_jae/Instagram

1. Same Energy

Jaejae is an expert at matching the energy of her guests and also bringing out different sides of them! One of Jaejae’s most iconic interactions is with NCT‘s Jaemin. Though Jaemin is an introvert and is often one of the quieter members during interviews, Jaejae matches his energy so well that any content featuring the two of them is sure to be a good time. Even the other NCT DREAM members were shocked at how well the two got along!

2. “How do you know that?!”

As a host who often works with K-Pop idols, it’s to be expected that Jaejae would know a bit about her guests. However, Jaejae often goes above and beyond, shocking both the idols and fans with her extensive knowledge! Like this time she surprised SHINee by knowing the rearranged version of “Lucifer” that they only perform live.

3. “How do you know that?!” 2.0

Another time she shocked idols with her knowledge was when she knew details about SEVENTEEN Joshua‘s childhood! Seungkwan joked that he was anxious since she might know a lot about their family history, but Jaejae assured him that they do respect idols’ privacy and won’t dig that deep.

4. Making idols crack up

One reason fans love seeing their favorite idols on programs hosted by Jaejae is that Jaejae never fails to make her guests crack up! She often pulls out old stories and viral moments that have idols screaming, like this one where she brought up a time at ISAC when Red Velvet‘s Irene gave side-eye to Yeri before realizing it was her.

5. Center Jaejae

Jaejae often participates in dance challenges created by idols to promote their songs. The fact that she puts effort into learning their dances so well totally shows that she really respects them as artists!

6. Random Shout-outs

Even when she’s not currently around K-Pop idols, that doesn’t mean Jaejae will stop talking about them! This hilarious clip of her mentioning NCT’s HaechanRenjun, and Taeil out of nowhere seems so random — but considering she was listing people with red hair, it’s amazing she remembered that they dyed their hair that color before!

7. The best hype-person

Jaejae is never shy when it comes to hyping up her guests! Just look at this clip of her with Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri where Jaejae cheered for her in the middle of a meal, with a balloon and lightsticks and everything.

8. The most comfortable host

K-Pop idols always feel comfortable when Jaejae is hosting! Her hilarious sense of humor that pokes fun at situations instead of people as well as her intense, high energy even once got GFRIEND‘s SinB to cry from laughter.

9. “You don’t have to.”

One of the biggest reasons K-Pop fans love Jaejae’s hosting style so much is her obvious respect for idols! A great example of this is when SEVENTEEN appeared on her show. She asked Hoshi if he could do a sensuous dance. Hoshi agreed almost immediately, but then Jaejae told him that if didn’t want to, he didn’t have to! The members were shocked at how relaxed her program is.

For all of the moments above and a hundred more, Jaejae is one host that K-Pop stans have an overwhelmingly positive opinion on. Her sense of humor is contagious and there’s never a dull moment when she’s around!

Source: Instagram