Here Are 9 Iconic Songs That Could Be K-Pop’s National Anthem, According To Fans

What’s your pick?

There are some songs that every K-Pop fan just seems to know, whether they’re diehard fan of the groups that made them or not! These songs unite K-Pop fans and have truly made their mark on K-Pop history.

Here are 9 iconic songs that fans on Reddit think would be contenders for K-Pop’s national anthem!

1. “Gee” (Girls’ Generation)

This Girls’ Generation song is absolutely iconic!

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It’s been covered by lots of groups, like Red Velvet, GFRIEND, and TWICE.

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Many K-Pop fans can recognize this song just by its opening notes and its first line, “uh-huh, listen boy, my first love story.”

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“Gee” has cemented itself into K-Pop fans’ brains, and it’s definitely a strong contender for the title of K-Pop’s national anthem!

2. “Sorry Sorry” (Super Junior)

“Sorry Sorry” has been a hit with K-Pop fans for years!

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It’s also popular among idols, and it’s been covered by groups like BTS, LOONA, EXO, SHINee, and NCT.

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At some point, most of us have chanted “sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” and done a little of this song’s choreography!

3. “Rough” (GFRIEND)

This emotional song by GFRIEND has definitely made its mark on K-Pop history!

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“Rough” helped cement GFRIEND’s status as an iconic girl group, and it’s been performed on many reality shows, like Idol School, The Unit, and The King of Mask Singer.

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K-Pop fans from many fandoms love this song and find themselves belting out the lyrics, which makes it another great candidate for the title of K-Pop’s national anthem.

4. “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (BIGBANG’s Taeyang)

Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” is one of those songs every K-Pop fan seems to know!


This song is many people’s go-to karaoke song, including BTS’s V and Jungkook!

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Although “Eyes, Nose, Lips” would be a sad national anthem, it would be one most of us would know every single word to, even those who aren’t fluent in Korean!

5. “Replay” (SHINee)

“Replay” has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most iconic debut songs ever!

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It’s often covered by other K-Pop groups, like TXT and ASTRO.


“Replay” is one of those songs K-Pop fans can instantly recognize right away, and many of us have found this song stuck in our heads!

6. “Growl” (EXO)

Many consider “Growl” to be EXO’s breakthrough hit, and this song continues to win over new fans years later!

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K-Pop idols love this song just as much as fans do, and it’s been covered by groups like NCT and ATEEZ.

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With its catchy lyrics and iconic choreography, “Growl” is a strong contender for the national anthem title!

7. “So Hot” (Wonder Girls)

The Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” is a girl crush anthem!

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This song is often covered by girl groups, like TWICE and GFRIEND. BLACKPINK even made their own version of the song and gave it an updated, modern twist.

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“So Hot” continues to win over K-Pop fans to this day, and it would make a great K-Pop national anthem!

8. “Bboom Bboom” (MOMOLAND)

Practically every K-Pop fan has fallen in love with MOMOLAND’s “Bboom Bboom!’

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The song was a hit among K-Pop idols as well, and many idols have danced to this song on variety shows, like TWICE’s Momo and Dahyun and NCT’s Haechan.

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Nearly every K-Pop fan has raised a hand to their ear to dance to “Bboom Bboom,” and this song would definitely bring us all to our feet as K-Pop’s national anthem!

9. “Gangnam Style” (Psy)

Many of today’s K-Pop fans remember being obsessed with “Gangnam Style” before they officially became K-Pop fans!

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“Gangnam Style” was a hit all over the world, and people everywhere learned its choreography, whether they were K-Pop fans or not.

Considering idols and fans alike went wild every time Psy performed “Gangnam Style,” this song would make a great K-Pop national anthem!

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Source: Reddit