9 Idol Groups Who Perfectly Parodied The Most Popular K-Dramas

What’s better than a K-Drama? Watching your favorite idols do their own take on them, of course.

1. WINNER – Reply 1988WINNER made a parody of hit drama Reply 1988 for their EXIT Tour in Seoul concert last year. The drama which set in 1988 Seoul is the highest ever rated drama on Korean television, so it’s no wonder WINNER chose this drama to parody! It has the group starring as the main group of misfit friends in the drama, and they’ve not done it lazily either—the parody is almost ten minutes long!

2. TWICE – Descendants of the SunThere’s nothing more appropriate than one of the most popular girl groups taking on one of the most popular K-Dramas. On TWICE‘s reality show TWICE’s Private Life, they re-enacted some of the most iconic scenes from the huge military drama. In one scene, Jeongyeon and Tzuyu play Song Joong-ki‘s and Song Hye-kyo‘s main characters respectively and act out one of their famous kiss scenes. They manage to make the scene hilarious though, thanks to some well-used Pepero.

3. SHINee – Beethoven Virus

SHINee‘s version of Beethoven Virus has Key perfectly acting out the role of a sassy musical conductor and bossing around the other members with fearsome charm. He’s a natural.

4. 2PM – You’re Beautiful

This ridiculously over-the-top parody of You’re Beautiful, which follows an aspiring band, is a true blast from the past. It’s hilarious seeing the manly members of 2PM act out such a silly skit, and it’s been soundtracked by a variety of iconic oldschool K-Pop songs!

5. VIXX – W

This huge K-drama from last year was crazy, featuring mysterious deaths and people being transported inside a webtoon. The members of VIXX certainly end up putting their acting skills to use here well. Member is no stranger to big dramas either, having starred in the likes of Cheer Up! and Tomorrow Boy.

6. Super Junior – Coffee Prince

The tradition of parodying K-dramas is no recent thing as this old-school parody from Super Junior shows. The group is used to fanservice, which certainly comes through when they’re parodying this iconic coffee shop romance.

7. BIGBANG – Beethoven Virus

If SHINee’s take on Beethoven Virus wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry! BIGBANG has got you covered. The tradition of parodying K-dramas is so widespread that you’ll find plenty of versions of any one drama. While SHINee’s version is hilariously good, BIGBANG’s is so surprisingly professional that it could almost pass off as a real drama!

8. F.T. ISLAND – Boys Over Flowers

Almost everyone has parodied Boys Over Flowers at this point, a drama about a girl who ends up in a school full of snobby, arrogant students (there’s certainly a lot of messy, messy romance as well). F.T. Island‘s charismatic and hilarious take on it was definitely worth the mention though.

9. Sungjae and Amber – My Love from the Star

We’ve even got cross-group action in these parodies from time to time. BtoB‘s Sungjae and f(x)‘s Amber are some of the funniest idols out there, so it’s no wonder that they put a ridiculous take on the emotional “alien-meets-girl” romance. Of course, this time, Sungjae’s the girl.