9 Idols Who Came To Support Taeyeon At Her Solo Concert

Taeyeon proved a popular figure at her solo concert.

Taeyeon recently made her comeback with her single “4 Seasons” which was released in combination with her two solo concerts on March 23rd and March 24th in the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul.

Taeyeon proved to be a popular idol as many of her fellow idols showed up to support her in her solo endeavours.

1. Yoona

Taeyeon’s fellow Girl’s Generation member Yoona was undoubtedly present at her friend’s concert. She shared a message on her Instagram saying “You did a great job, you’re awesome” accompanied with a picture of her view of the concert. She also revealed she was happy to see SONEs.

She then shared a cute picture of the pair backstage.

2. Minho

Taeyeon’s labelmate Minho was also present to support her. SM Entertainment posted a video of Taeyeon, Yoona and Minho meeting up backstage. In the video, Minho pretends to be shocked to be meeting Yoona and Taeyeon of Girl’s Generation and calls them “goddesses”.

Yoona tells Taeyeon not to cry during her concert but Minho says it’s okay to cry.

3. Irene, Joy and Seulgi

Irene, Joy and Seulgi of Red Velvet came to support their unnie and sunbaenim at her solo concert. In a video posted by SM Entertainment, the Red Velvet members hold up Girl’s Generation lightsticks and banners and exclaim “Please show a lot of love for 4 Seasons!”.

Taeyeon, embarrassed, also says “Please show love for Red Velvet too, thank you”.


4. Doyoung

Doyoung of NCT also came to support his SM labelmate, he and Taeyeon met backstage and recorded a video. Doyoung shouts “Fighting!” and Taeyeon thanks him for coming. He wishes her luck, saying “Please do a great job today” and she shyly says thank you.

5. Chungha, Solbin and Hwang Soo Yeon

Popular soloist Chunga, Solbin of LABOUM and former Produce 101 contestant Hwang Soo Yeon also came to the concert and met Taeyeon backstage. Taeyeon posted a picture of her with the trio on her Instagram with the caption “Thank you to my junior artists. Let’s enjoy making music and have fun”.