9 Idols Who Make The List As Kings And Queens Of Gucci

Gucci is the hottest and most loved go-to fashion brand for Idols right now, and these trendsetters are no exception.

1. G-Dragon

G-Dragon has been spotted wearing Gucci on several occasions, paving the way for K-Pop idols everywhere.

2. Zico

Zico has also been spotted in Gucci – including this stylish hat and recently a gorgeous Gucci wrist watch.

3. Jennie

Jennie has been dubbed one of the potential Gucci models of K-Pop. She crushed this Gucci outfit last year and wore a Gucci skirt in BLACKPINK’s recent comeback photos.

4. Irene

Irene was spotted in this jacket and some even more colorful Gucci wear – she really can make any outfit look good.

5. Baekhyun

Baekhyun has also taken up the Gucci trend with several pairs of Gucci shoes, a ring, and a wallet!

6. Key

Key set his Gucci jacket on fire on accident but has been to also wear the logo from time to time. He mourned his loss!

7. V

V is an obvious list maker – they don’t call him Gucci Boy for anything!

8. BtoB Ilhoon

Ilhoon has also been known to rock a very chic and boyish Gucci style!

9. MAMAMOO Hwasa 

Hwasa has slowly become one of the queens of a casual Gucci experience.

BONUS: Tzuyu (Her dog is named Gucci)

Tzuyu loves Gucci so much it’s the name of her precious pup!