9 Idols Who Look Exactly Like Anime Characters

The resemblance is uncanny!

Idols kill it with their visuals! But some look so unreal, that fans often liken them to art, like anime characters! Here are 10 idols who look so much like anime characters, they could have their own series!

1) Red Velvet’s Joy- Tomie

During Red Velvet‘s most recent comeback with “Psycho”, Joy sported full bangs and long, flowing dark hair. Along with the intended creepy vibe of “Psycho”, Joy’s visuals for this era can be likened to Tomie. Tomie is a Japanese horror manga about a woman named Tomie, who spends years seducing and killing both men and women alike.

Given the horror theme of “Psycho”, its no wonder Joy has a bit of a Tomie vibe!

2) NCT 127’s Yuta- Inu Yasha

NCT 127‘s Yuta has been growing his hair for a while now, and his recent white hair has fans totally spotting Inuyasha in those locks! Inuyasha is a half dog-demon who is notable for his long, flowing white hair, and as of right now, Yuta bears a striking resemblance to him!


3) EXO’s Baekhyun- Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

In EXO‘s recent comeback with “Obsession”, they took on an “EXO” vs “X-EXO” concept that shows them battling with their inner evils. in the photos for “X-EXO” Baekhyun , fans could help but notice that with his white hair and light eyes, he looked very similar to Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul!

4) BLACKPINK’s Lisa- Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is almost never seen without her trademark bangs (maybe not anymore), and bright smile, and so fans believe she’s  perfect look-alike to Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon! She has the same bangs, long hair and sweet smile, and could totally pass as the anime character!

5) TWICE’s Momo- Yumeko Jabami from Kakerugui

For TWICE‘s “Fancy” promotions, Momo got a haircut termed the “Hime-cut”, which is hair cut in the style of sidelong, usually cheek-length hair and frontal bangs. Fans believe with her bangs, the “Hime-cut” and her long, black hair, Momo resembles the main character Yumeko Jabami, from the anime Kakerugui.

6) Red Velvet’s Wendy- Howl Pendragon from Howls’ Moving Castle

Red Velvet’s Wendy got a haircut in early 2019, and in late-2019 dyed her hair a gorgeous blonde! Along with the haircut, and later on the dye job, fans believe she looks like the wizard Howl Pendragon from the Ghibli movie Howl’s Moving Castle!

7) NCT 127’s Taeyong- Akise Aru from Future Diary

During Taeyong‘s debut with the subunit NCT U, he sported white hair that totally complimented his ethereal visuals! With his white ‘do, fans believe that he looks just like the character Akise Aru from the anime Future Diary!

8) Kang Daniel- Kaitou Kid

When Kang Daniel made his official comeback as a solo artist with “Touchin'” in November 2019, he released some black and white teasers of him with his face half shrouded in shadow (and also colored ones), and fans believe he resembles the character Kaitou Kuroba from the anime Kaitou Kid!

9) BTS’s V- Todoroki from My Hero Academia

BTS V‘s legendary visuals can totally be compared to Todoroki Shoto from the anime My Hero Academia, for his visuals can be fiery hot and totally icy!


Which are your favorite idol-anime characters?

Source: Reddit