9 Idols Who Look Flawless Even When Seen From The “Bad Angle”

Many Koreans had a good laugh at “The Importance of Angle” videos because of the drastic change in someone’s attractiveness depending on the angle of the camera.

But these 9 idols are so flawless that they don’t have a bad angle… They just can’t help but look great in all angles.

1. Red Velvet Irene

Please make way for the princess is making her rounds~

2. BTS V

V might be called V because of his hard cutting V-Line.

3.   Infinite – L

We thank God for L’s visuals.

4. EXO D.O

Handsome far away, handsome close-up.

5. NCT Taeyong

A legendary gif has been formed.

6. Wanna One Minhyun 

Is the art sculpture moving in slow-mo?

7. HyunA

Dripping sexiness from all angles.


What is a double chin? The ultimate visual of YG just doing her thang.

9. Park Bo Gum

How can a human being be so beautiful at this angle???

Source: Dispatch