Here Are 9 Idols Who Taught Themselves English

They taught themselves to fluency.

Not only can these idols sing, rap, and dance, but they are extremely intelligent! Here are idols who taught themselves how to speak English without having to study in a Western country!

1. BTS’s RM

RM never studied abroad to learn English. Instead, his English teacher was the sitcom Friends! He said his mom had bought him all 10 DVDs of the show and he first watched it with Korean subtitles. After he finished all the seasons with Korean subtitles, he watched it with English subtitles, then he would remove the subtitles entirely. Sounds like a fun way to learn a language!

Watch him give a speech with the other BTS members at the United Nations press conference.

2. Rain

Rain had to learn English only 100 days before his US debut in 2008. He was cast for the movie “Speed Racer” and had to learn English since the whole script was in that language. He had learned English from a professional Korean-English interpreter and would sit in coffee shops and talk to himself during his free times. He would ask himself questions and answer it himself.

Watch him speak English during an interview for his movie “Ninja Assassin” here:

3. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

Seohyun is known to speak very well without the standard Korean accent when she speaks in English. She speaks clearly and it is believed she learned how to speak English from fellow Girls’ Generation member Tiffany and ex-member Jessica, who are both native English speakers.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Like Seohyun, it is believed she learned English from Tiffany and Jessica. It is known that Sooyoung is exceptionally close to Tiffany, so it is highly likely that she learned English by conversing with her.

She has even interviewed stars in English! Here is a clip of Sooyoung interviewing Rosie Huntington Whiteley:

5. EXID’s Hani

In an episode of “I’m Going To School“, Hani shocked everyone — including her fellow guest stars — when she spoke English fluently. During an English speaking lesson, they were given a scenario and they were to have a “talk to talk”. When no one could speak up, Hani took the initiative and spoke for her team!

6. GFRIEND’s Umji

Though Umji has never studied nor lived abroad, she did study in English immersion classes and went to an English-speaking preschool. She also learned by watching Disney movies!

Check out her English skills here!

7. BIGBANG’s Taeyang

Though Taeyang was born and raised in Korea and has lived there all his life, he can speak English fluently. He decided to learn English to communicate with his international fans as well as to appeal to the international market.

Here him sing in English here:

8. PRISTIN’s Rena

Rena is known to speak English during her V-Lives, especially if accompanied by fellow member Sungyeon and Kyla, who are native English speakers. She learned English in school and was even #1 in her English class!

Check out her English skills here!

9. I.O.I’s Sohye

When I.O.I. appeared on After School Club, Sohye shocked both the MC’s and the fans when she spoke English fluently. Former After School Club MC Jae from DAY6 even asked where she was from, to which she responded that she was from Korea. Though it’s unconfirmed where she learned English, people say that her parents made her learn English when she was young.

Which idol surprised you the most?