Here Are 9 Of IU’s Songs That Will Comfort You Like A Warm Hug On A Cold Day

They’re perfect to seek comfort from!

IU is a veteran idol, well-respected for her singing ability and incredible talent as a lyricist. Here are 8 of IU’s songs that carry love and comfort in their tunes, and will provide great solace to you when you listen to it!

1. Love Poem

“Love Poem” was released in 2019 as the title track of IU’s seventh mini album of the same name. IU herself has spoken up about the lyrics, saying that she wrote the song as a comfort to those going through hard times.


2. Autumn Morning

“Autumn Morning” is a song released in 2017 from her sixth mini album A Flower Bookmark:2. The song is a remake of a folk song initially released in 1991 by Yang Hee Eun. Lyrically, the song recounts an autumn morning, and works in the small details of a happy and nostalgic time.

3. Everyday With You

“Everyday With You” is another remake from A Flower Bookmark:2, and was originally sung by Deulgukhwa in the 1980’s. Lyrically, the song speaks about the happiness of spending everyday with their loved one, and counts each and every happy moment in their day.


4. Palette

“Palette” is the title track for IU’s 2017 album of the same name. Along with providing comfort to others, the song is also of comfort to her, as she reassures herself that the process of aging is normal, because she knows herself better now.


5. Give You My Heart

“Give You My Heart” was released in 2020 as an OST of the drama Crash Landing On You. Lyrically, the song speaks about loving someone, and giving them all the love in your heart.


6. Through The Night

“Through The Night” was released as a prerelease single to IU’s 2017 album Palette. The song speaks about being away from your loved one at night, which makes the night a long one, and so the lyrics recount spending the whole night thinking of their loved one.


7. Ending Scene

“Ending Scene” is another pre-release single from Palette, and lyrically, speaks about going through a break up, and how the person wants their loved one to be happy without them, because they deserve the best.

8. Above The Time

“Above The Time” is a track from IU’s 2019 album Love Poem, and speaks about wanting to be above the binds of time, so that they can spend forever in this one, perfect moment.