9 Korean Actors Who Were Kicked Off Their Respective Acting Projects

Some of them committed vile acts.

Korean films and K-Dramas sometimes have to make quick decisions when one of their cast members gets involved in a big scandal. These kinds of situations have caused some actors to get kicked off their respective acting projects. Here are 9 Korean actors who ran into these kinds of situations.

1. Yoon Tae Young

Yoon Tae Young was originally supposed to be a cast member on the K-Drama 100 Days My Prince. He got dropped from the project once it was revealed that he had been involved in a drunk driving incident.

2. Lee Seo Won

Lee Seo Won was a part of the cast in the K-Drama About Time. Midway through the K-Drama’s airing, it was revealed that Lee Seo Won had sexually harassed a female celebrity while he was drunk. He immediately got dropped from the K-Drama and was replaced by Kim Dong Jun.

3. Oh Dal Su

Oh Dal Su was a cast member on the K-Drama My Mister. During the K-Drama’s airing, Oh Dal Su was accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment. After discussions with the producers, he was removed from the show.

4. Ahn Seo Hyun

Ahn Seo Hyun was supposed to a cast member on School 2020 but was kicked off due to her father’s excessive demands to the producers.

5. Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan was a part of the K-Drama Joseon Survival. He was forced to step down because he was arrested for the sexual assault and sexual harassment of two female employees at his home.

6. Choi Il Hwa

Choi Il Hwa was supposed to be a part of the K-Drama Hold Me Tight but got removed by the producers once he admitted to sexually harassing someone in the past.

7. Oh Seung Yun

Oh Seung Yun was caught drunk driving, and it led to him getting removed from several of the projects he was working on, such as the K-Drama Love Me Actually.

8. An actor from The King: Eternal Monarch

An actor who was a cast member on The King: Eternal Monarch, was supposedly kicked off the cast when a script change was made.

9. Lee Myung Haeng

Lee Myung Haeng was a cast member on the play, Kiss of the Spider Woman, but was forced to drop out after he admitted to sexual harassment claims.