9 Korean Actors Who You Might Not Have Known Originally Debuted In Musical Theatre

A lot of them are still heavily invested in musicals.

Korean celebrities finding new career paths is nothing new, as celebrities have switched on many occasions. Sometimes, these changes can be more subtle, as celebrities can change careers into related fields. Here are 9 Korean actors who originally debuted as musical theatre actors.

1. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook originally debuted in 2006 in musical theatre. He quickly transitioned into acting, as he also debuted in the film Days in the same year. Ji Chang Wook eventually started getting cast into K-Dramas, which is where he grew in popularity. Ji Chang Wook is still involved in musical theatre, with his latest being Shinheung Military Academy Musical.

2. Joo Won

Joo Won has always had a love for singing, so he was always interested in musical theatre. Joo Won eventually got cast in the drama King of Baking, Kim Takgu, where he made quite the name for himself. Joo Won rose to fame after this and started to build a name for himself in the K-Drama scene. Joo Won isn’t as involved in musical theatre now, as his last one was in 2014.

3. Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul originally debuted in the musical The Celestial Watch in 2006. After many years of doing musical theatre, Kang Ha Neul transitioned into K-Dramas. Some of his most popular works being To The Beautiful You, The Heirs, and Angel Eyes. Kang Ha Neul is still heavily involved in musical theatre, as he still performs in musicals every year.

Kang Ha Neul (Left)

4. Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk was a musical theatre actor for 9 years before he made his debut on a K-Drama or film. Jo Jung Suk rose to fame when he appeared on the film Architecture 101. Jo Jung Suk soon became a household name in acting and has appeared in numerous K-Dramas and films. Jo Jung Suk is still relatively involved in musical theatre, with his last one being in 2018.

5. Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan originally debuted in 2001 in musical theatre. In 2004, he got small appearances on television, such as his small role in Nonstop 4. Kang Ji Hwan rose to fame with his leading role in Be Strong, Geum-soon. Kang Ji Hwan has now become a household name in the K-Dramas, as he has been a part of numerous hits. His last musical theatre appearance was in 2010.

6. Go Se Won

Go Se Won originally debuted as a musical theatre actor in 2006, but he quickly made his television debut in 2007. Go Se Won has become heavily involved in K-Dramas, as he’s been continuously getting cast since 2007. His last musical theatre appearance was in 2012.

7. Park Hyuk Kwon

Park Hyuk Kwon originally debuted as a musical theatre actor in 1993. After a few years of performing in musicals, he decided to try acting for films and K-Dramas. Park Hyuk Won is now one of the most well-known supporting actors in films and K-Dramas.

Park Hyuk Won (Left)

8. Choi Sung Won

Choi Sung Won was a musical theatre actor for many years before he appeared on K-Dramas or films. He rose to fame with his appearance on the drama Reply 1988. Choi Seung Won has been involved in many K-Dramas, as he’s been playing multiple support roles. His last musical appearance was in 2013.

9. Um Ki Joon

Um Ki Joon is one of the most well-known musical theatre actors, as he’s been heavily invested since his debut in 1995. He’s also built a name for himself from his appearances on famous K-Dramas, such as Innocent Defendant, Dream High, and Phantom. Um Ki Joon is still currently invested in both K-Dramas and musicals.

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