9 Korean Actors Who Were The Victims Of Bullying

Number 5 even got trash thrown at her.

Many Korean actors are known for their bright bubbly images. That doesn’t mean that all actors had great experiences growing up, as some of them have to deal with bullying. Here’s a list of 9 Korean actors that were the victims of bullying.

1. Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji has been the victim of cyberbullying, as she has had to endure many difficult experiences. She has been harassed with multiple kinds of comments, as she has received many hate comments. She’s been the victim of sexually harassing comments as well.

2. Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron debuted at an extremely young age, which meant that she was a celebrity during her time as a student. When Kim Sae Ron became a well-known child actress, this caused some bullying from her classmates. The bullies would do some extreme acts towards Kim Sae Ron, such as stealing her shoes, writing curse words about her on the playground, and purposefully ignoring her.

3. Kim Ha Neul

Kim Ha Neul has admitted that she was bullied when she was a student due to her unique personality. Kim Ha Neul was always shy about starting a conversation, so she didn’t talk with many people. This caused her to be misunderstood, which prompted some students to bully her.

4. Yoo In Na

During high school, Yoo In Na was favored a lot by her teacher. This caused some jealousy from other students, which prompted them to start bullying her.

5. Park Bo Young

While Park Bo Young might be known for her adorable and bright image, she was bullied during her high school days. She had to endure many difficulties, such as students putting trash all over her seat.

6. Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik was originally a trainee at a different company before he switched to Star Empire Entertainment. The trainees at the previous company would ostracize him, as they believed that Hyung Sik was getting favorable treatment due to him being close with the manager.

7. Park Ha Sun

Park Ha Sun had a brief appearance on Golden Bell during her days in high school. During her appearance, she ended up showing off her cute charms, but this didn’t sit well with her classmates. She ended up getting bullied for her appearance on the show and was severely mocked as well.

8. IU

IU has been the victim of cyberbullying, as many netizens spread false information about her. As well as false information, IU has been the victim of personal hate comments. This caused IU to eventually sue several netizens for their actions.

9. Lee Yoo Jin

Lee Yoo Jin was the victim of some bullying during his days as an early student, as classmates would constantly bother him. While it never got physically violent, Lee Yoo Jin still remembers these experiences.