9 Korean Celebrities Who Married Foreigners

How many of these did you know about?

Getting married is nothing new for Korean celebrities, where many end up getting married to other celebrities. There are a couple of Korean celebrities who married foreigners, here are 9 of those celebrities.

1. Kim Tae Yong

Kim Tae Yong is a South Korean director and screenwriter. He is married to Chinese actress Tang Wei. 

2. Jeong Jun Ha

Jeong Jun Ha is most famous for his comedic personality and being a cast member of Infinite Challenge. His wife, Nina Yagi, is a Japanese flight attendant.

3. Shin Joo Ah

Shin Joo Ah is a South Korean actress. She married Saraut Rachanacun, who is a Thai businessman.

4. Park Joo Ho

Park Joo Ho is a South Korean football player. He’s also known for his appearance on The Return of Superman. He met his Swiss wife, Anna, while playing for FC Basel, which is a Swiss football club.

5. Chae Rim

Chae Rim is a South Korean actress. In 2014, she married Gao Ziqi, who is a Chinese actor.

6. Choi Soo Jong

Choi Soo Jong met his wife Ha Hee Ra when they co-starred in the drama You Know What? It’s a Secret. The two got married around 3 years later. Ha Hee Ra was born in Seoul to a Taiwanese father and a Korean mother. She obtained South Korean citizenship soon after her wedding with Choi Soo Jong. Ha Hee Ra might not count as a foreigner as she was born in Seoul, but she still wasn’t a South Korean citizen until her marriage with Choi Soo Jong.

7. Ham So Won

Ham So Won is a South Korean actress. Her husband is Jin Hua, a Chinese national who is a former idol trainee.

8. Choo Ja Hyun

Choo Ja Hyun is a South Korean actress. She married Chinese actor and singer Yu Xiaoguang in 2017.

9. Kim Jung Min

Kim Jung Min is a South Korean singer and actor. He’s married to Rumiko Tani, who is a former Japanese idol singer.