These 9 K-Pop Duets Will Give You Major Butterflies

These songs will make your heart skip a beat!

For those who are in the mood for love, these K-Pop songs will give you that heart-fluttering feeling you desire!

1. “You, Who?” – Eric Nam feat. Jeon Somi

This sweet duet by Eric Nam and former-I.O.I. member Jeon Somi talks about falling in love with someone at first sight. It talks about how even just one look has them in love and how their love is like something out of a dream. This song is perfect for spring… or for those who wish spring would come sooner!

2. “Dream” – Baekhyun and Suzy

“Dream” is a song that compares their love to a dream. A sweet dream, a dream that they wish they could never wake up from. The man says something sweet but the girl believes it to be a sweet lie, even if what he is saying is true. She realizes that the sweet dream she has been dreaming is actually the one with her.

3. “SoulMate” – Zico feat. IU

The title speaks for itself; it’s a sound about soulmates. A song that talks about being stuck with each other, both in full times and in dull times. Even if the two fight, they’ll stick with each other through thick and thin. Even if they have fun days without them, in the end, they still want to be with them. It’s a sweet song about finally finding their one trust match.

4. “Love Virus” – Kihyun (MONSTA X) and Seola (Cosmic Girls/WJSN)

“Love Virus” is a song that talks about the moments in which you realizing you are falling for someone. They realize they are starting to act strangely in the presence of the person they like and all they can think about is that special person. They don’t understand the reason why and keep questioning if they are in love. It’s a song everyone can relate with; after all, we all go through it when we realize we have a crush!

5. “Hello Tutorial” – Zion.T feat. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

This song talks about the difficulties of talking to the one you have feelings for. They try to act cool and practice saying hello, yet the moment they see the person they long for, they start smiling look a fool and are unable to act naturally. The practiced how they would act only to be nervous one they finally meet. It’s a song that talks about how awkward it is to act calmly with your crush but how cute it is for the other party.

6. “One Summer” – Yang Da Il, Wendy (Red Velvet)

“One Sumer” is a song filled with nostalgia. It’s a song about reminiscing about the memories you made with one another and how those times that used to feel like it would last forever actually end up being short. They are lonely this summer but at least they have the memories of their past love to be with them.

7. “Spring Love” – Eric Nam feat. Wendy (Red Velvet)

This sweet love song from Eric Nam and Wendy talks about falling in love with someone you used to be close to. Falling in love with someone who you used to see as a friend or a sibling and how crazy it feels but how much you long for their love. Now that it’s spring, the love blossoming between the two will melt the cold and warm their hearts.

8. “Forever Yours” – Key (SHINee) feat Soyou (SISTAR)

“Forever Yours” is pretty straight forward. It talks about being somebodys forever. Having their days and night and having their heart. The song talks about falling even deeper for the one they love and how there is never a dull moment between the two lovebirds.

9. “Sugar Cake” – CoCo feat. Microdot

“Sugar Cake” is a song that talks about how sweet their love is and how it makes their heart flutter. Their heart only looks for them and whenever their feeling sad, the sweetness from their love can make them happy again.

Which love song is your favorite?