9 K-Pop Groups Who Slayed Their Sailor-Inspired Outfits

This outfit is working for them!

K-Pop fans know that with each comeback, you get incredible new concepts, and amazing outfits to accompany them! Here are 9 groups who donned sailor-inspired outfits, and killed it with their visuals!

1. Girls’ Generation

When Girls’ Generation made their comeback with “Tell Me Your Wish” in 2009, they hit the stage in these super cute and chic sailor-inspired outfits, and became the talk of the K-Pop world with their beautiful visuals!



MONSTA X released “I Do Love You” as part of their second full album titled Take 1: Are You There?, and even released a special MV for it! They soon performed the song onstage as part of their MONSTA X: The Connect tour, and wore adorable sailor-inspired outfits for the performance!

3. T-ARA

T-ARA made their comeback with “So Crazy” in 2015, and fans were delighted to see that the comeback outfits were all gorgeous, as well as sailor-inspired!


4. NCT Dream

NCT Dream made their comeback in 2017 with “We Young” and along with the bright concept, fans were delighted to see them in cute sailor outfits, both in the MV as well as the comeback stages!


5. Red Velvet

Red Velvet made their first summer comeback with “Red Flavor” in 2017, and along with the catchy tune, fans loved the cute sailor outfits as well!


6. Apink

For their 2013 comeback with “NoNoNo”, Apink wore these adorable sailor-inspired dresses, and the outfit and song both became iconic!



In 2019, IZ*ONE attended KCON in Japan, and showed up in the prettiest blue-and-white sailor outfits!



SISTAR‘s 2012 hit “Loving U” showed the girls all decked out in the cutest summer outfits, including a sailor-inspired outfit! They also filmed a CF for Naval Battle 1942, and that brought out more adorable sailor outfits!



GFRIEND dressed up in the prettiest sailor outfits for a CeCi photoshoot, and slayed with their visuals!