9+ K-Pop Idols Who Experienced Debuting More Than Once

At the end of the day, they find where they belong to.

After training for years, debuting as an idol has become every trainee’s dream. However, life always has its own way of surprising us, and not everything happens as planned. Some idols end up starting back in square one, while there are also those who’ve made their debut and ventured out into the idol career as much as possible.

Here are 9+ idols who made their debut more than once!

1. HyunA

HyunA originally made her debut with Wonder Girls and eventually made her debut with 4MINUTE. She also debuted in the sub-units known as Troublemaker and TRIPLE H. Including her debut as a solo artist, which is who she is known as now, she has made a total of 5 debuts!

2. Hwang Minhyun

Hwang Minhyun originally made his debut as an idol with NU’EST. The group appeared in the second season of the  survival show Produce 101, where his group received a lot of love. Minhyun ended up making it in the Top 11 winners and made his second debut with Wanna One.

3. EXID’s Solji

Solji is famous for being a member of EXID. However prior to her debut with the group, Solji was a member of the duo 2NB from 2008 to 2012.

4. HINAPIA Minkyung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, and Yaebin

Aside from Bada, all the members of HINAPIA, Minkyung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, and Yaebin, are all former members of PRISTIN.

5. NCT 127 and WayV’s Winwin

After traing hard for years,  Winwin made his debut as member of NCT 127 and eventually made another debut with WayV.

6. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel made his first debut with Wanna One after being part of thr Top 11 winners. Since disbanding of the group, Daniel has been working on some interesting things since then and eventually made his debut as a solo artist under his own entertainment label, KONNECT Entertainment.

7. KARD’s Jeon Somin

Many know Jeon Somin from KARD, but what many might not know is that she made her first debut with a Japanese based girl group known as Puretty. Her second debut experience was with April, and her third with KARD. All her debuts have been under the same company.

8. Kim Jungah

Kim Jungah made her first debut with SZ, and her second debut with Kis FIVE. She eventually made her debut with After School, where she is known for the most, and became the group leader for around 4 years.


MINO is known for being part of famous K-Pop group WINNER. But before debuting with them, he first debuted as a rapper in group BoM. He eventually made his way to debut under WINNER. He gained a lot of attention and fans after making an appearance in Show Me the Money.