9 K-Pop Idols Whose Parents Had Initial Oppositions On Their Dreams Of Becoming A Singer

These idols fought for their dreams.

Being a K-Pop idol can be an extremely stressful job, so it’s reasonable for parents to be somewhat cautious about letting their children become one. Also, lots of factors need to go right for idols to become successful, so it can be a risky career choice. This didn’t stop these idols, as they fought initial oppositions from their parents to live their dreams.

1. Suga (BTS)

Suga‘s parents were initially not too fond of Suga’s dream of becoming an artist, where they had doubts about if it would be a successful career choice. Suga even had to write his lyrics in secret, where his parents would even throw away his lyric sheets. Everything ended up working out, as Suga’s parents are now completely supportive of him.

2. Hyosung (Former member of Secret)

Hyosung was interested in singing and dancing since she was a child, where she eventually decided that her dream was to become an idol. Hyosung’s parents were initially against her dreams of becoming an idol, where they didn’t think it would turn out well. Hyosung ended up working part-time jobs to travel to Seoul for auditions. Seeing this side of Hyosung made her parents supportive of her.

3. Hoya (Former member of INFINITE)

Hoya dropped out of high school, as he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming an idol. His father was against this decision, so Hoya was kicked out of his home. Hoya eventually got accepted into Woollim Entertainment, which is where he debuted as a member of INFINITE. Hoya also passed his high school qualification exam. Hoya’s father now is completely supportive of him, where Hoya’s passion won him over.

4. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy was an excellent student, so her parents wanted her to focus on her studies, rather than music. This didn’t stop Wendy, as she continuously focused on music throughout high school. She eventually won her parents over and they allowed her to audition to become an idol.

5. RM (BTS)

RM was a phenomenal student, where he ranked in the top 1% of Korea. RM’s parents saw how good he was at academics, so they were against his dreams of becoming an artist. RM eventually convinced his parents, and now they support their son all the way.

6. Yena (IZ*ONE)

Yena‘s brother, Sungmin, was also an idol. He was a part of the boy group SPEED.

SPEED ended up disbanding after 2 years of promotions. Yena’s parents didn’t want the same thing to happen to her, so they were initially against her becoming an idol. Yena also had lymphoma as a child, so her parents were always cautious about her. Yena eventually won them over, and her parents are now her biggest supporters.

7. U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

Yunho had to fight to win his parents over. Yunho worked multiple part-time jobs to provide for himself, where his parents didn’t support him becoming an idol. His hardships paid off, as he’s now a member of TVXQ, and his parents support him more than ever.

8. Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

Tiffany‘s father was initially against her decision to become an idol, where he wanted her to pursue a career in a different field, such as business. Tiffany went on to become a trainee at SM Entertainment and eventually won her father over.

9. Sunggyu (INFINITE)

Sunggyu‘s parents were heavily against his dreams of becoming a singer, where they even told him to leave the house. Sunggyu even had to practice in secret due to his parent’s strong opposition. After he graduated high school, Sunggyu eventually went to Seoul to audition for companies. Despite getting rejected by multiple companies, Woollim Entertainment saw something in him. Sunggyu eventually debuted in INFINITE and won his family over.

Bonus: IU

IU‘s parents weren’t against her dreams of becoming a singer, but other relatives in her family were. IU had a rough childhood, where her family fell into large debt. She and her younger brother had to move in with their grandmother. Her grandmother’s house eventually got infested with cockroaches, so she had to move to a relative’s house. Her new home mocked her for wanting to become a singer, where they didn’t think she was capable. IU ended up proving them wrong, where she is now considered a K-Pop icon.