These 9 K-Pop Male Main Vocalists Can Also Slay As Rappers

There is so much talent!

It is common for members to have assigned roles in K-Pop groups, whether they are rappers, dancers, or main vocalists. In some circumstances, some idols are so talented at more than one that it seems impossible to restrict them with roles.

Here is a look at nine idols known as main vocalists who can also rap like a pro!

1. Seoho (ONEUS)

Seoho actually auditioned for RBW Entertainment as a rapper but eventually debuted in ONEUS as the main vocalist. Although he doesn’t rap often, fans are always surprised at how well Seoho can rap with a voice completely different from when he sings.

2. Jungkook (BTS)

BTS’s Jungkook has such a strong voice and is known for his sweet tones. He is also a great rapper and has shown his skills on several occasions with fast and dynamic tracks.

3. Seungmin (Stray Kids)

As one of Stray Kids’ main vocalists, Seungmin has been called an outstanding rapper. For many, he is the best after the main rappers in the group with his tone, emotion, and speed.

4. Heeseung (ENHYPEN)

Main vocalist Heeseung is talented in many ways. As well as being one of the group’s lead dancers, he is also a great rapper. It was confirmed on an episode of the reality show I-LAND and fans cannot get enough of his performances.

5. Jongho (ATEEZ)

ATEEZ’s maknae Jongho is known for his lungs of steel and powerful voice. However, he is also a great rapper with the speed, diction, and ease seen in someone with years of experience!

6. Young K (DAY6)

As DAY6 does not officially have a main rapper, Young K is one of the members, alongside Jae, who takes on this role. In the track “Congratulations,” Young K’s vocals are very distinct and portray the emotion also heard when he sings.

7. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

With a rapping alter ego called Yoonzino, is it any surprise that SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan has made this list? Despite being such a strong vocalist, he has also shown that he can shine as a rapper!

8. Jinho (PENTAGON)

As the eldest member of PENTAGON, Jinho’s vocals are strong and unique, cementing his role as the main vocalist. Yet, in both English and Korean, Jinho has proved that he can rap effortlessly with strong diction and attitude.

9. Jeongwoo (TREASURE)

TREASURE’s main vocalist Jeongwoo has showcased his outstanding rapping skills on several occasions, including on their reality show YG TREASURE BOX. It is deep, meaningful, and has the tone of a real rapper.

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