Here Are 9 K-Pop Songs That Are The Perfect Way To Get Ready For Spring

It is time to say goodbye to winter!

As the cold and long nights start to draw to a close, the first signs of spring are beginning to show from the flowers, warmer weather, and everything seems brighter!

Here are nine songs that are the perfect soundtrack to help you get ready for spring this year!

1. BTS – Spring Day

Even though it was released in 2016, “Spring Day” still seems to bring back nostalgic memories with its emotional, muted tones and stunning aesthetics! It is the perfect track to listen to while lying on the grass outside and hearing the birds chirp!

2. N.Flying – Spring Memories

“Spring Memories” by N.Flying is just the epitome of a music video that suits the new season’s mood. The pastel palette throughout and the presence of blossom trees really give off a romantic and warm feeling.

3. BTOB – Remember Me

Although the song looks at memories from a past relationship, the music video’s vibe is the perfect way to get ready for spring, from the soft, falling petals to the rosy tints shown in some scenes.

4. Dreamcatcher – Trust Me (It’s Okay!)

Compared to the group’s usually bold and dark concepts, the simplicity of their track “Trust Me (It’s Okay!)” makes it perfect for this time of year. The sweet lyrics and the soft colors in the video are a calming and emotional song for spring.

5. Golden Child – Spring Again

After a long break from releasing music, Golden Child released their fan track “Spring Again,” and it is just the perfect track for the season. In the lyrics, the members sing about their desire for winter to pass. It also talks about them wanting their crush to accept their feelings when spring arrives.

6. Spring Love – Eric Nam and Red Velvet’s Wendy

Nothing screams spring more than an acoustic ballad duet between two talented idols! Eric Nam and Red Velvet Wendy’s video for “Spring Love” has a soft and vintage feel to it with the colors and camera angles! The gentleness just screams spring!

7. Blooming Day – EXO-CBX

With the video’s pastel block colors and natural features, something about the uptempo track from EXO-CBX makes it an underrated spring song. It is a cool, calm, and collected way to say goodbye to the harshness of winter.

8. ASTRO Hide&Seek

Although ASTRO’s “Hide&Seek” is more uptempo than other songs associated with spring, it is not on their album Spring Up for no reason. With its bright colors and energetic dance routine, it is the perfect way to get excited about the warm weather,

9. MAMAMOO Spring Fever

MAMAMOO’s “Spring Fever” might not have a video but the lyrics and the song’s feeling make it the perfect track for the season. The song talks about having spring fever and the way the warmer weather feels on your skin, which is enough to get you excited for the season.