9 Moments When The BTS Members Were Absolute Gentlemen Around Females

Number 9 may make you cry.

The BTS members are quite beloved for their incredible talents, but something that may touch the hearts of ARMYs more is their incredible personalities.

The members have shown off their incredibly kind personality many times, especially when they’re around females. Here are just a few moments of the BTS members being absolute gentlemen.

1. Jin backing away immediately

The other BTS members decided to do a hidden camera prank on Jin, where they had a woman sleeping inside the room Jin was supposed to go to. When Jin saw the woman, he immediately backed away so she couldn’t be filmed.

2. Jimin giving encouraging words

Jimin decided to be an absolute angel and gave some encouraging words to someone with confidence issues.

3. RM assisting Ailee

Ailee was seen struggling going down the stairs, so RM stopped to assist her.

4. J-Hope moving his chairs

When Red Velvet won an award, J-Hope was quick to remove their chairs so that Red Velvet could comfortably walkthrough.

5. V helping a fan

An ARMY once fell in front of the BTS members, and V was quick to assist her.

6. Suga’s manner hands

7. Jin taking over

Solbin was quite emotional during her last segment as an MC, so Jin decided to take over for her.

8. Jungkook’s manner hands

9. Suga being a sweetheart to elderly people

Suga has shown his soft personality multiple times when he’s with an elderly person.